Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Part of the Game


Authored by Tim Reardon

When small-time bookie Chuck Holiday tries to collect from one last deadbeat gambler before he closes his business forever, his retirement plans are chewed up by a couple of disobedient pit bulls. Instead of going straight and taking advantage of an offer to play professional basketball overseas, Chuck ends up indirectly involved in the bloody death of an Irish crime boss's nephew.
In this inventive crime thriller, Chuck and his palm-reader girlfriend navigate San Francisco's seedy underbelly and pull their own scam on the mob boss and a couple of ruthless Chinatown gangsters, who also have an interest in the dead Irishman.

 About the author:
Tim Reardon has taught writing at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco for the past twenty-five years. He lives in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood with his wife Gina and his three daughters: Kate, Claire, and Lizzy, and their border
collie, Annie. PART OF THE GAME is his second novel. The first, SHADOW LESSONS, was published in 2010.

Friday, September 26, 2014



 Authored by Patrick S. Lafferty

Nothing's free. Especially success. Everyone has to pay the price some time. For Mitchell Treadwell, that time is now.
Mitchell is president of an international conglomerate. He has a gorgeous house in the affluent suburbs, a loving wife and kids who adore him. Then one day his son goes missing, snatched off a street corner that's been the location of several recent abductions. Mitchell has a pretty good idea who's responsible, but by revealing what he knows to the police, he may inadvertently put everything he has in jeopardy. Now, Mitchell must hunt down his son's abductor and save his boy's life, all while keeping the police at arm's length.
Commuters is a neo-noir thriller that explores how a good man, motivated by his love for and devotion to his family, can do unconscionable things while dealing with the internal strife his actions create.

About the author:
After a quarter century in the advertising industry, including twenty years writing award-winning copy for a number of agencies in and around Milwaukee, Patrick S. Lafferty is embarking upon a whole new career. He took his love for craft beer, developed a business plan, secured financing, and is now the proud proprietor of a craft beer store in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. He still dabbles as a copywriter on a freelance basis but spends what little free time he has writing short stories, screenplays, and novels.
Outside of work, Patrick is the founding member of the Tosa Writers' Group, a long-time member of the Milwaukee Writers Workshop, and author of the heretical religious thriller ANNO DOMINA.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


New Release!

Authored by Marylee MacDonald
Edition: First

Mid-life mom, Colleen Gallagher would do anything to protect her children from harm. When her daughter's husband falls ill with ALS, Colleen rolls up her sleeves and moves in, juggling the multiple roles of grandma, cook, and caregiver, only to discover that even her superhuman efforts can't fix what's wrong.

About the author:
Marylee MacDonald's fiction has won the Barry Hannah Prize, the ALR Fiction Award, the Ron Rash Award, the Matt Clark Prize, and two Illinois Arts Council Fellowships. Her work has appeared in the American Literary Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Blue Moon Literary & Art Review, Briar Cliff Review, Broad River Review, Folio, North Atlantic Review, Raven Chronicles, Reunion, Ruminate, StoryQuarterly, Yalobusha Review, and others. She lives in Tempe, AZ.

Crocodile Mothers Eat Their Young

Authored by Avi Morris
Edition: First

When teacher Roberta Allen, walked into her middle school principal's office, she encountered sisters Valentina and Selena Diaz, who were to be removed from their mother's home once again by the Department of Families. The girls, after suffering years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their mother and sexual abuse by their mother's male friends, are soon to be placed in the care of newly approved foster parents, Roberta and Hal Allen. The Allens' must learn how to cope with the state bureaucracy even as Valentina, the younger sister, bonds with her new "Mom" and "Dad." This is her story of persistence, love and survival as she bravely confronts the people who had brought harm to her in the past.

About the author:
Avi Morris holds a B.A. from University of Connecticut and a J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law. After many years as a federal attorney and then as a business consultant, Mr. Morris fulfilled a dream to write fiction. Crocodile Mothers Eat Their Young is his first published novel. He and his wife, a teacher, have hosted several foster children in addition to raising three children of their own. The family resides in Connecticut.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Conversations Among Ruins

Authored by Matthew Peters

Conversations Among Ruins is a portrait of a descent into madness, and the potential of finding salvation there.
While in detox, Daniel Stavros, a young professor, meets and falls in love with the cryptic Mimi Dexter. But Mimi has secrets ... and, strangely, a tattoo identical to the pendant Daniel's mother gave him right before she died.Drawn together by broken pasts, they pursue a twisted, tempestuous romance. When it ends, a deteriorating Stavros seeks refuge at a mountain cabin where a series of surreal experiences bring him face to face with something he's avoided all his life: himself.Miles away, Mimi's actions run oddly parallel to Daniel's.
Will either be redeemed, or will both careen toward self-destruction?

 About the author:
Dual diagnosed* from an early age, Matthew Peters dropped out of high school at sixteen. He went on to obtain an A.A., a B.A. from Vassar College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Duke University. He has taught various courses in a variety of disciplines throughout North Carolina.
He is committed to increasing the awareness and understanding of the dual-diagnosed. Conversations Among Ruins is his first novel.
His second novel, The Brothers' Keepers, is available on Amazon.com.

*The term "dual diagnosed" refers to someone who suffers from a mood disorder (e.g., depression) and chemical dependency.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Out of Crystal Ice

Book 1 of Ice King: The Last Messiah


Authored by P.J. Wetzel

The year is 635,039 A.D.
The primitive Homo sapiens 'bowlheads' are just a bad memory. Their remnants have split into six species, only one of which chooses to call themselves human.
Like the wolf and the eagle, these new humans have learned to live sustainably with the planet.
But trouble is brewing. The rival species are advancing, hell-bent on eradicating the last of the humans.
Adam Windreath Gale is a young Scavenger from a village lost deep in the glaciers of the new ice age. He has the gift of speaking with the Spirits, but he despises it. Only his handicapped sister Lissa can
help him control the chaotic voices that threaten to drive him insane.
The Gods have chosen Adam to become the ultimate messiah. His task: deliver humanity from certain extinction and usher in the eternal order. But how? Adam has no leadership ability, no training ....

About the author:
P.J. Wetzel was born in central Wisconsin on a windy Friday but grew up in the east, on White Clay Creek near the infamous Delaware Wedge. This is where his love of nature blossomed - special emphasis on the wild caprices of the weather. He chose Penn State for an undergraduate schooling in Meteorology then Colorado State for graduate studies. The Colorado Rockies became his home. He purchased mountaintop land with a 100 mile view and built a home on it with his bare hands while living in a $75 tar paper shack.
But the call of the east never faded. On graduating he moved to Maryland where he spent 25 years working for NASA developing computer models that would help decipher the complex interplay of the earth with its weather and climate. There he built a second home with his bare hands and raised a family.
P.J. Wetzel has been writing fiction and poetry since he was a child. His poetry and first novel have both won awards. Today he calls coastal North Carolina home and he divides his time between the serious pursuit of hiking (He hiked the entire Appalachian Trail twice in 2012) and the equally serious pursuit of writing a six-volume epic Fantasy/Sci-Fi tale entitled 'Ice King: The Last Messiah.'
You can catch him blogging about hiking, writing and nature at www.pjwetzel.com

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Survivor's Tale


Authored by Dave Hoing

By the mid-twenty-first century time travel had become possible via energy "umbilicals" that tie one
era to another. However, due to social factors and over-specialization, science begins a slow decline,
and, by 2148, technology is at a standstill and there are only a handful of people left who know how to operate the time chambers.
Against a backdrop of regressing civilization, a new and terrible disease arises with a nearly one hundred percent mortality rate. Medicines developed to treat the disease have only made it more virulent. When brilliant but troublesome biologist Janis FitzHaven notices a connection between the current plague and the Black Death of the fourteenth century, she and her lover, Stone, abscond with one of London's few remaining time chambers. Janis claims the answer lies in medieval England. But is she really looking for a cure, or does she have something else in mind?
And does it matter? The idealistic Stone has rescued a peasant girl from degradation and death, an act of altruism that could render Janis's plans moot ... and have devastating repercussions for the entire future of humanity.
A Survivor's Tale is a small book about big choices. About confronting the evil consequences of a force that is not evil. About love, and a hope that survives the end of the world.

 About the author:
Dave Hoing is the co-author, with Roger Hileman, of the historical novel Hammon Falls and a collection of short fantasy stories, Voices of Arra. He also has a solo collection of short fiction called Tales of Earth. All three books were published by All Things That Matter Press.
In real life, his tenure as a Library Associate at the University of Northern Iowa can be measured on a geologic time scale. He lives in Waterloo, Iowa, with his wife Joni, his mother-in-law Dorothy, a Toto-like dog named Doodle, and a cat he calls, well, Cat. His adult stepchildren Jon and Jovan have emigrated to the fantasy land known as California.
In his other life, Dave is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America who pokes his fingers into a lot of creative pies. In addition to writing, he dabbles in composing, drawing, painting, and sculpting. Music is his first love, but he concedes that he's better at stringing words together than notes, so there are times he must tear himself away from one kind of keyboard to work at another.
Dave's website can be found at www.hoingandhileman.net.

Beyond Infinite Healing


The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons

Authored by D.H. Parsons, Elise Brion

Beyond Infinite Healing is the third volume in the non-fiction series The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons.
In Volume One, The Strong Witch Society, a dire warning is given to the inhabitants of this planet that if two very specific cultural behaviors were not changed, humanity would be destroyed in
the not too distant future.
Volume Two, The Lost Revelation, provides a hands-on practical guide for the renewal of the mind, as well as the soul, for those who truly wish to assist in correcting the damage done to
Earth's life-sustaining Creation Frequency, and clearly emphasizes the personal accountability of every person on Earth.
Volume Three reveals three more of the promised ten who willingly offer their aid to humanity, leaving the identity of one very powerful Being still unknown.
Each word found within this book is charged with attainable healing miracles. There is also never before revealed information about the state of mankind and what humans must do to survive.
It is up to the reader to decide how much of this Truth they will welcome into their personal life so as to do their part in saving Earth.
What will YOUR decision be?

About the author:
DH Parsons is the founder and president of the Bliss-Parsons Institute. He has attained several university and institute awards and degrees including a Master's degree in Public Education, and Ph.Ds in Metaphysics and Religion. He has served as a public school teacher and administrator, and is currently an inspirational speaker throughout the midwestern United States. Visit his website at www.bliss-parsons.com

Elise R. Brion is Associate Vice President of the Bliss-Parsons Institute and a freelance writer/author. As an inspirational speaker and organizer throughout the state where she lives, she has presented healing seminars to diverse groups of people, and has witnessed "miracles too numerous to count in one lifetime." She has attained several university and institute awards and degrees, including a Ph.D in Religion.

The authors carry forth the mission work of the Bliss-Parsons Institute by way of the messages taught in this book series, as well as other books to come, CDs, and teachings available from B-PI. Bliss-Parsons Institute is a professional research organism devoted to the exploration and expression of Truth, whose main mission is to support and spread that which assists as many people as possible in the return to Right Living in spirit, soul and body. (http://www.bliss-parsons.com/)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Desperate Voyage


 Authored by Paul J. Stam
The weather is good, the ocean is beautiful, and the ship traveling from South Africa to
Argentina is fast enough to outrun any submarine. But it's not fast enough to get away from a
shipload of desperate passengers.

It would have been a pleasant passage, but the accidental death of a child, attack by a German destroyer, and a murder made it otherwise.

Hatred, distrust, rage, love, romance, and kindness all come together in an encounter with the enemy, and desperate people must take desperate measures to survive when they get caught up in a war that rages
around the world.

About the author:

At age 13, Paul J. Stam, was hunting big game in Africa with his father, not as a sport, but to provide food for the station. He has single handedly sailed a 38 foot ketch from Tahiti to Hawaii.

Paul was born of missionary parents in the northeast corner of the Belgian Congo just a few miles from both the Uganda and Sudan borders.

Just before the end of World War II, when he was 15, he came with his parents to the United States.

After graduating from high school he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving aboard a destroyer during the Korean War. His tour of duty completed, Paul attend the University of Minnesota and later joined the staff. While on the staff, the University of Minnesota sent Paul to the Hawaiian Islands to attend a conference. Paul immediately fell in love with the Islands. When he returned to Minnesota he turned in his resignation and headed back to Hawaii.

Within two months Paul was crewing on a sailboat. After a year of sailing the Pacific on other people's boats, Paul decided it was time to get a boat of his own. Together with his wife Terry and their ten-year-old son Steven, they built their dream boat, which they launched in 1978.

Among other things Paul has been a construction worker, university teacher and administrator, and a sailboat skipper. Paul is now retired and lives in Hawaii where he spends a lot of time on the potter's wheel making bowls and mugs and at the computer writing.

Paul is also author of A River That Is Congo: Of Rulers and Ruled, and A River That Is Congo: Of Chiefs and Giants both published by All Things That Matter Press.

Thursday, June 19, 2014



Authored by Kal Wagenheim

"In the four narratives that make up 'School For Lovers & Other Tales' Kal Wagenheim has adroitly and entertainingly managed to give us lessons in American history and the latest in energy technology, as well as an appreciation of opera lyrics and a thriller plot. He has brought to literary life none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and a host of other captivating and empathetic real-life and fictional characters."

 About the author:
Kal Wagenheim (born in Newark, N.J.in 1935) is a journalist (formerly with The New York Times and currently editor of Caribbean UPDATE monthly newsletter), author and translator of eight books, and ten plays and screenplays. His novel, "The Secret Life Of Walter Mott" was published in July 2010 by All Things That Matter Press. His plays, "Bavarian Rage", "We Beat Whitey Ford", "Coffee With God", and "Wegotdates.com" have been produced Off-Off-Broadway. His poetry and fiction have been published in online literary magazines jersey.com and PulpLit.com. He has also taught creative writing at Columbia University (as an Adjunct Associate Professor) and the State Prison in Trenton NJ (as a volunteer). Member: PENAmericanCenter and The Dramatists Guild of America. Film producers may access his screenplays on the website www.inktip.com. Website: www.kalwagenheim.com

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grace in the Garden: Thirty Years of Blunders and Bliss


Authored by Grace Peterson

The gardening lexicon is crowded with books describing how to garden. In these twenty-nine short chapters, Grace Peterson captures the essence of why we garden.
A self-proclaimed graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, Grace never hesitates to entertain with stories drawn from her own missteps and catastrophes. However, she is also a certified Master Gardener, so make no mistake, she knows her stuff.
Read this book and let Grace carry you on a river of words. You will explore tributaries where she will tease you with her wicked wit before surprising you with unexpected outcomes. In Grace's capable hands, gardening becomes an irresistible metaphor for life itself. Through it all, she will convince you that gardening is just plain fun.
~Ricki Grady, author of Bebop Garden, Riffing and Jiving in the Plant Kingdom and blogger at "Sprig to Twig"

 About the author:
Grace Peterson, certified Master Gardener, is an author, garden columnist, and blogger who lives in western Oregon. Her memoir, Reaching, was awarded the gold standard of literary excellence by Princeton Literary Review. 


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nine Lives

Authored by Tom Gumbert, April Kautzman

"Have you ever looked at a shooting star and wondered where it came from, how far it has traveled, and how much farther it has yet to go before its journey ends?
I have come to believe that my time spent on this earth was for a purpose greater than I myself could ever have imagined.
I am a cat."
In Nine Lives, authors April Kautzman and Tom Gumbert explore the historical application of tolerance and intolerance through the ages from ancient Egypt to a new beginning for mankind as witnessed by a cat through nine unforgettable lives.
As our narrator takes us through this remarkable journey, it reminds us ...
"Chief Dan George, a very wise man, once said, 'If you talk to the animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys.'
Talk with me so that i may share my journey with you and we may know one another.

 About the author:
Tom Gumbert lives near Cincinnati, OH with his wife Andrea (Andy) in a log home overlooking the Ohio River, in an area that was an active part of the Underground Railroad. Operations Manager by day, he has been writing for over a decade with an eclectic taste in what he reads and writes. www.tomgumbert.com

April Kautzman was born and raised in southwestern Ohio. She and her husband Phil reside with their cat and two crazy dogs near Cincinnati. In addition to writing, medieval history is one of her passions and it's on her bucket list to visit the Tower of London and as many castle ruins as she can find in the United Kingdom. She has known co-author Tom Gumbert for many years and was thrilled when he asked her to collaborate on Nine Lives. This is her first published work.

First American Back

Authored by Abe F. March

First American Back is a story about the author's entrepreneurial pursuits that took him to Beirut, Lebanon. He got caught up in Lebanon's civil war that led to his abduction and financial disaster. He departed Lebanon when the civil war's 27th cease-fire failed to hold. Trying to recoup his losses, he returned one year later and was hailed as "The First American Back" by a British journalist. His travels throughout the Middle East reveal the difficulties encountered by westerners doing business in that region along with misconceptions associated with their culture. His thoughts and concerns are as relevant today as when they were first written.

About the author:
I am retired and live in a small town in South West Germany's wine region. I am a member of the Men's choir; I help out with the wine harvest, and enjoy hiking. My wife Gisela enjoys gardening, sings in the Church Choir and is an avid reader.
My three children all received their Bachelor's degree from Penn State University. My youngest daughter Caroline further received her Master's degree from Duke University. She is married, has two children and lives in Virginia. My daughter Christine is married and lives in Germany. Duane received his Masters Degree from UNC at Chapel Hill and his Doctors degree in ancient history from the University of California Berkeley. He is still single and lives in Germany.
Be sure to check out my other novels: THEY PLOTTED REVENGE AGAINST AMERICA and Journey Into The Past. 

Another Stone to Carry

In the small Midwestern town of Bear River, soft-spoken, shy, Kassandra Hayes lives a very sheltered life governed by the church and her goal to become a missionary. Things drastically change when she is sexually assaulted and her life begins spinning out of control.
To numb the pain she runs away and finds herself homeless in Chicago. For years, she embraces a life of exotic dancing, drugs, and sexual bartering until an unexpected encounter with an old friend lands her back home where she is brought back to the fold.
Her congregation embraces their prodigal daughter, and she acts and dresses the part, but her story is just beginning. Torn between desire and conventional morality, she goes on another journey of self-discovery and finds love in the most unexpected place, shocking the town and herself.

About the Author

Seraphina Nova received her BA in English/Theater from Concordia University in the Twin Cities, and went on to earn an MFA degree, in Dramatic Writing, from Smith College in Massachusetts. She also received a second MFA degree, in Directing, from the University of Idaho. She has travelled all over the world, worked as a volunteer teacher and AIDS worker in South Africa and Kenya, and she’s had several of her plays produced across the country. She currently teaches graduate Literary Theory at Tiffin University and Composition and Film and at several other colleges. She resides in Minneapolis.


Monday, March 3, 2014



The soul is eternal, and no more so than in Steve Lindahl's White Horse Regressions, the story of a group of individuals destined to share their lives throughout time, be it in ancient China during the Han dynasty, in 19th Century London during Jack the Ripper's reign of terror, or in a small town rocked by murder in present-day Vermont. It's been almost a year since Hannah Hersman's girlfriend was killed, and the police still have no leads, no suspects, and no one in custody. Undeterred and longing for closure, Hannah calls in Glen Wiley, a renowned hypnotist, as a last resort. Glen quickly discovers that in a past life Hannah was a prostitute in Victorian London named Rose and her girlfriend was Annie Chapman, a victim of Jack the Ripper. In fact, many of Hannah's friends and acquaintances were similarly connected to her, not just in then London but in multiple lives and multiple places throughout history. And, in all these incarnations, their existence is tied to a murderous plot that Hannah and Glen must uncover to ensure their future lives can avoid the pain and misery of losing their loved ones.

"White Horse Regressions is a compelling supernatural thriller that drops you down the rabbit hole and spits you out into the filthy streets of a not-too-long-ago London, the palatial estates of a long-forgotten China, and the seedy underbelly of small-town America." ~Patrick Lafferty, author of Anno Domina, Thinking Out of the Box, and Miller Time

About the Author

White Horse Regressions is the second novel in Steve Lindahl’s past life mysteries series. The first, Motherless Soul, is also published by All Things That Matter Press. Steve has published short fiction in Space and Time, The Alaska Quarterly, The Wisconsin Review, Eclipse, Ellipsis and Red Wheelbarrow. He served for five years as an associate editor on the staff of The Crescent Review, a literary magazine he co-founded. His Theater Arts background has helped nurture a love for intricate characters in complex situations which is evident in his writing. Steve and his wife Toni live and work together outside of Greensboro, North Carolina. They have two adult children, Nicole and Erik.


Monday, January 27, 2014




Honey from a Lion is Fred Bassett’s love song to the American South. From the backwoods of rural Alabama to the Mountains of North Carolina, Bassett journeys through the bruised, beautiful heart of his homeland and into the hearts and minds of those who’ve gone before him – poets, novelists, historians, and philosophers. Part love story, part travelogue, part philosophical conversation, this is a ‘novel’ that transcends the parameters of the form. Readers who met the unforgettable Barsh Roberts as a boy in South Wind Rising will be pleased to find him all grown up and living on his own terms – a man of honor, integrity and refreshing self-awareness, a new kind of Southern gentleman for a new age.
     ~Margret Shinn Evans, Editor of Lowcountry

Weekly Married with an eleven-year-old daughter, Barsh Roberts had eased into middle age as a professor of religion and philosophy at Cooper College in Upstate South Carolina. Although his relationship with his wife Debbie is lackluster, he is totally committed to his family. The marriage, however, is doomed along with the daily joys of parenting their precocious Hannah. Without any premonition, Barsh is shaken to the foundation when Debbie asks for a separation with plans to take Hannah to Louisville, Kentucky. As he struggles to prepare their daughter for the separation and to discover a new direction for his own life, he finds himself drawn inextricably into the life of Angela Kundera, the new English professor from New York.