Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beyond Infinite Healing


The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons

Authored by D.H. Parsons, Elise Brion

Beyond Infinite Healing is the third volume in the non-fiction series The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons.
In Volume One, The Strong Witch Society, a dire warning is given to the inhabitants of this planet that if two very specific cultural behaviors were not changed, humanity would be destroyed in
the not too distant future.
Volume Two, The Lost Revelation, provides a hands-on practical guide for the renewal of the mind, as well as the soul, for those who truly wish to assist in correcting the damage done to
Earth's life-sustaining Creation Frequency, and clearly emphasizes the personal accountability of every person on Earth.
Volume Three reveals three more of the promised ten who willingly offer their aid to humanity, leaving the identity of one very powerful Being still unknown.
Each word found within this book is charged with attainable healing miracles. There is also never before revealed information about the state of mankind and what humans must do to survive.
It is up to the reader to decide how much of this Truth they will welcome into their personal life so as to do their part in saving Earth.
What will YOUR decision be?

About the author:
DH Parsons is the founder and president of the Bliss-Parsons Institute. He has attained several university and institute awards and degrees including a Master's degree in Public Education, and Ph.Ds in Metaphysics and Religion. He has served as a public school teacher and administrator, and is currently an inspirational speaker throughout the midwestern United States. Visit his website at

Elise R. Brion is Associate Vice President of the Bliss-Parsons Institute and a freelance writer/author. As an inspirational speaker and organizer throughout the state where she lives, she has presented healing seminars to diverse groups of people, and has witnessed "miracles too numerous to count in one lifetime." She has attained several university and institute awards and degrees, including a Ph.D in Religion.

The authors carry forth the mission work of the Bliss-Parsons Institute by way of the messages taught in this book series, as well as other books to come, CDs, and teachings available from B-PI. Bliss-Parsons Institute is a professional research organism devoted to the exploration and expression of Truth, whose main mission is to support and spread that which assists as many people as possible in the return to Right Living in spirit, soul and body. (

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