Sunday, July 27, 2014

Out of Crystal Ice

Book 1 of Ice King: The Last Messiah


Authored by P.J. Wetzel

The year is 635,039 A.D.
The primitive Homo sapiens 'bowlheads' are just a bad memory. Their remnants have split into six species, only one of which chooses to call themselves human.
Like the wolf and the eagle, these new humans have learned to live sustainably with the planet.
But trouble is brewing. The rival species are advancing, hell-bent on eradicating the last of the humans.
Adam Windreath Gale is a young Scavenger from a village lost deep in the glaciers of the new ice age. He has the gift of speaking with the Spirits, but he despises it. Only his handicapped sister Lissa can
help him control the chaotic voices that threaten to drive him insane.
The Gods have chosen Adam to become the ultimate messiah. His task: deliver humanity from certain extinction and usher in the eternal order. But how? Adam has no leadership ability, no training ....

About the author:
P.J. Wetzel was born in central Wisconsin on a windy Friday but grew up in the east, on White Clay Creek near the infamous Delaware Wedge. This is where his love of nature blossomed - special emphasis on the wild caprices of the weather. He chose Penn State for an undergraduate schooling in Meteorology then Colorado State for graduate studies. The Colorado Rockies became his home. He purchased mountaintop land with a 100 mile view and built a home on it with his bare hands while living in a $75 tar paper shack.
But the call of the east never faded. On graduating he moved to Maryland where he spent 25 years working for NASA developing computer models that would help decipher the complex interplay of the earth with its weather and climate. There he built a second home with his bare hands and raised a family.
P.J. Wetzel has been writing fiction and poetry since he was a child. His poetry and first novel have both won awards. Today he calls coastal North Carolina home and he divides his time between the serious pursuit of hiking (He hiked the entire Appalachian Trail twice in 2012) and the equally serious pursuit of writing a six-volume epic Fantasy/Sci-Fi tale entitled 'Ice King: The Last Messiah.'
You can catch him blogging about hiking, writing and nature at

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Survivor's Tale


Authored by Dave Hoing

By the mid-twenty-first century time travel had become possible via energy "umbilicals" that tie one
era to another. However, due to social factors and over-specialization, science begins a slow decline,
and, by 2148, technology is at a standstill and there are only a handful of people left who know how to operate the time chambers.
Against a backdrop of regressing civilization, a new and terrible disease arises with a nearly one hundred percent mortality rate. Medicines developed to treat the disease have only made it more virulent. When brilliant but troublesome biologist Janis FitzHaven notices a connection between the current plague and the Black Death of the fourteenth century, she and her lover, Stone, abscond with one of London's few remaining time chambers. Janis claims the answer lies in medieval England. But is she really looking for a cure, or does she have something else in mind?
And does it matter? The idealistic Stone has rescued a peasant girl from degradation and death, an act of altruism that could render Janis's plans moot ... and have devastating repercussions for the entire future of humanity.
A Survivor's Tale is a small book about big choices. About confronting the evil consequences of a force that is not evil. About love, and a hope that survives the end of the world.

 About the author:
Dave Hoing is the co-author, with Roger Hileman, of the historical novel Hammon Falls and a collection of short fantasy stories, Voices of Arra. He also has a solo collection of short fiction called Tales of Earth. All three books were published by All Things That Matter Press.
In real life, his tenure as a Library Associate at the University of Northern Iowa can be measured on a geologic time scale. He lives in Waterloo, Iowa, with his wife Joni, his mother-in-law Dorothy, a Toto-like dog named Doodle, and a cat he calls, well, Cat. His adult stepchildren Jon and Jovan have emigrated to the fantasy land known as California.
In his other life, Dave is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America who pokes his fingers into a lot of creative pies. In addition to writing, he dabbles in composing, drawing, painting, and sculpting. Music is his first love, but he concedes that he's better at stringing words together than notes, so there are times he must tear himself away from one kind of keyboard to work at another.
Dave's website can be found at

Beyond Infinite Healing


The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons

Authored by D.H. Parsons, Elise Brion

Beyond Infinite Healing is the third volume in the non-fiction series The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons.
In Volume One, The Strong Witch Society, a dire warning is given to the inhabitants of this planet that if two very specific cultural behaviors were not changed, humanity would be destroyed in
the not too distant future.
Volume Two, The Lost Revelation, provides a hands-on practical guide for the renewal of the mind, as well as the soul, for those who truly wish to assist in correcting the damage done to
Earth's life-sustaining Creation Frequency, and clearly emphasizes the personal accountability of every person on Earth.
Volume Three reveals three more of the promised ten who willingly offer their aid to humanity, leaving the identity of one very powerful Being still unknown.
Each word found within this book is charged with attainable healing miracles. There is also never before revealed information about the state of mankind and what humans must do to survive.
It is up to the reader to decide how much of this Truth they will welcome into their personal life so as to do their part in saving Earth.
What will YOUR decision be?

About the author:
DH Parsons is the founder and president of the Bliss-Parsons Institute. He has attained several university and institute awards and degrees including a Master's degree in Public Education, and Ph.Ds in Metaphysics and Religion. He has served as a public school teacher and administrator, and is currently an inspirational speaker throughout the midwestern United States. Visit his website at

Elise R. Brion is Associate Vice President of the Bliss-Parsons Institute and a freelance writer/author. As an inspirational speaker and organizer throughout the state where she lives, she has presented healing seminars to diverse groups of people, and has witnessed "miracles too numerous to count in one lifetime." She has attained several university and institute awards and degrees, including a Ph.D in Religion.

The authors carry forth the mission work of the Bliss-Parsons Institute by way of the messages taught in this book series, as well as other books to come, CDs, and teachings available from B-PI. Bliss-Parsons Institute is a professional research organism devoted to the exploration and expression of Truth, whose main mission is to support and spread that which assists as many people as possible in the return to Right Living in spirit, soul and body. (

Friday, July 11, 2014

Desperate Voyage


 Authored by Paul J. Stam
The weather is good, the ocean is beautiful, and the ship traveling from South Africa to
Argentina is fast enough to outrun any submarine. But it's not fast enough to get away from a
shipload of desperate passengers.

It would have been a pleasant passage, but the accidental death of a child, attack by a German destroyer, and a murder made it otherwise.

Hatred, distrust, rage, love, romance, and kindness all come together in an encounter with the enemy, and desperate people must take desperate measures to survive when they get caught up in a war that rages
around the world.

About the author:

At age 13, Paul J. Stam, was hunting big game in Africa with his father, not as a sport, but to provide food for the station. He has single handedly sailed a 38 foot ketch from Tahiti to Hawaii.

Paul was born of missionary parents in the northeast corner of the Belgian Congo just a few miles from both the Uganda and Sudan borders.

Just before the end of World War II, when he was 15, he came with his parents to the United States.

After graduating from high school he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving aboard a destroyer during the Korean War. His tour of duty completed, Paul attend the University of Minnesota and later joined the staff. While on the staff, the University of Minnesota sent Paul to the Hawaiian Islands to attend a conference. Paul immediately fell in love with the Islands. When he returned to Minnesota he turned in his resignation and headed back to Hawaii.

Within two months Paul was crewing on a sailboat. After a year of sailing the Pacific on other people's boats, Paul decided it was time to get a boat of his own. Together with his wife Terry and their ten-year-old son Steven, they built their dream boat, which they launched in 1978.

Among other things Paul has been a construction worker, university teacher and administrator, and a sailboat skipper. Paul is now retired and lives in Hawaii where he spends a lot of time on the potter's wheel making bowls and mugs and at the computer writing.

Paul is also author of A River That Is Congo: Of Rulers and Ruled, and A River That Is Congo: Of Chiefs and Giants both published by All Things That Matter Press.