Monday, January 27, 2014




Honey from a Lion is Fred Bassett’s love song to the American South. From the backwoods of rural Alabama to the Mountains of North Carolina, Bassett journeys through the bruised, beautiful heart of his homeland and into the hearts and minds of those who’ve gone before him – poets, novelists, historians, and philosophers. Part love story, part travelogue, part philosophical conversation, this is a ‘novel’ that transcends the parameters of the form. Readers who met the unforgettable Barsh Roberts as a boy in South Wind Rising will be pleased to find him all grown up and living on his own terms – a man of honor, integrity and refreshing self-awareness, a new kind of Southern gentleman for a new age.
     ~Margret Shinn Evans, Editor of Lowcountry

Weekly Married with an eleven-year-old daughter, Barsh Roberts had eased into middle age as a professor of religion and philosophy at Cooper College in Upstate South Carolina. Although his relationship with his wife Debbie is lackluster, he is totally committed to his family. The marriage, however, is doomed along with the daily joys of parenting their precocious Hannah. Without any premonition, Barsh is shaken to the foundation when Debbie asks for a separation with plans to take Hannah to Louisville, Kentucky. As he struggles to prepare their daughter for the separation and to discover a new direction for his own life, he finds himself drawn inextricably into the life of Angela Kundera, the new English professor from New York.