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Redemption in a gun, Divinity in a bullet …

       Darren Thayne stopped expecting greatness for himself long ago. Out of prison, trying to make amends for a crime he doesn’t fully remember, Darren is faced with his own mortality following the death of his estranged brother, Stephen, the circumstances of which leave more questions than answers. Darren falls into a feverish existence where he is tormented by his Other, a horrid apparition that desires the one thing Darren has given up on: his life.
       To further complicate things, Darren is tasked with discovering the whereabouts of a missing child and, as a means to finding his place in the world and helping a distraught mother reclaim her only daughter, Darren agrees to do what he can to find the girl. His search takes him down a dark path, into the sick underworld of child slavery, and into the company of Colson, a madman with delusions of divinity, who Darren suspects had some involvement in his brother’s death. Colson takes Darren on a bleak journey through a desert of nightmares, making him confront the demon that resides within and bringing him closer to a reality that feels more like a dream.
       Through self-discovery, the mystery of the child’s disappearance becomes clearer, and those involved must see to it that Darren succeeds only in fulfilling the promise laid out by Luthor, a self-proclaimed prophet whose faithful congregation has hidden the child, believing that Darren has been chosen by God to lead them to the resurrected Christ, and only in his deepest despair will he succeed.
       Caught between his desire to save a life and find meaning in his own, Darren learns that, sometimes, the only person you can trust is the one holding the gun.

Trevor Hallam is a writer and aspiring filmmaker. He lives, primarily, in Alberta, Canada, but is currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Vancouver. “God-complex” is his first novel.

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Philip F. Harris, Brian L. Doe

Welcome to the Third Edition of Waking God: The Journey Begins. The Waking God Trilogy is not about the doom and gloom that organized religions would have you believe. It is not about an Armageddon style 'end times' that pits good against evil in some final battle where religious dogma is triumphant. Yes, there is a final battle of sorts, but as Mantrella says, "It is not about saving humanity, it never has been." While the Trilogy comes down hard on organized religion and its 'worn out dogma,' it is not atheistic. Instead, it totally rejects the idea of some schizophrenic super-being that loves to punish and reward its servants, and recognizes a Universal consciousness of which we are all a part. It acknowledges that within each of us there is a 'god seed' that is waiting to experience an awakening brought on, as in any major evolution, by not only environmental, but also social, economic, and political stress that will help to create a spontaneous evolution in humanity. Or, if allowed to remain dormant, this same seed will be our undoing. The prophecies all speak of a choice. Nostradamus, the Hopi, the Mayans, the I Ching, the Riddles of DaVinci and the Tarot speak to a time of choosing. Hidden codices, books of revelation, and ancient sacred texts also speak of this time of choosing. That time is upon us. The elements are all there. From bursts of energy from the center of our galaxy to the scientific discoveries about the true nature of our reality, the puzzle nears its completion.
"...makes the Da Vinci Code look like a church hymn.... It should make you think. Calling it provocative is an understatement. ...groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas .... Epic in scope ...."

About the author:
Philip F. Harris was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in Maine. He received his degree in Political Science from The American University in Washington, D.C. and has worked at every level of government. He currently works in special education.
He is co-author of the controversial WAKING GOD series, coined a "spiritual thriller," which was first released 6'06 and was re-released in '09 with a new publisher. The Third Edition was released by All Things That Matter Press. His second novel, A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL was released by Cambridge Books in 2'07. His third book (non-fiction), JESUS TAUGHT IT, TOO: THE EARLY ROOTS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, 2nd edition was released by ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS. His fourth book, RAPING LOUISIANA: A DIARY OF DECEIT was released by Cambridge Books in 2007. POLARIZING YOUR LIFE TOWARDS PERFECTION is published by Cambridge Books. WAKING GOD BOOK II: THE SACRED ROTA was originally published by Literary Road Press. See the series, COLLECTED MESSAGES: GUIDES FOR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION at ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS.
Mr. Harris is a nationally syndicated and featured writer for The American Chronicle and has a blog called ALL THINGS THAT MATTER. He is spiritual growth expert on SelfGrowth.com. More information on his works can be found at:
http://allthingsthatmatterpress.com,http://philipharris.blogspot.com, http://wakinggod1.blogspot.com,http://www.wakinggod.com. A certified Holistic Life Coach, Mr. Harris offers guidance to those seeking to take control of their body, mind and spirit.

Brian L. Doe was born in Ogdensburg, New York, and grew up on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. From a young age, he recognized his passion for the written word and committed himself to the pursuit of writing. He received a Bachelor's Degree in writing from St. Lawrence University, and a Master's Degree in secondary education from the State University of New York at Potsdam College. His first novel, Barley and Gold, was published in 2001 and again in 2008 along with his second book, The Grace Note. He is also coauthor of the trilogy Waking God with Philip F. Harris. Mr. Doe is an English teacher in Upstate New York where he lives with his wife and children.


The Strong Witch Society

The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons
Authored by DH Parsons


In 1675, Mary Bliss Parsons, the author's great grandmother nine times removed, was tried for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. She was
acquitted only because her husband, Joseph, was able to purchase her freedom.
Such is the known history of Mary Bliss Parsons. What is not so well known is that Mary was a member of a small but powerful group of witches, The Strong Witch Society. After her death in 1712, it became Mary's purpose to
somehow "awaken" in the mind and spirit of one of her future descendants in order to reinstitute The Strong Witch Society. The author is that grandchild.
What unfolds on the pages of this book is a rollercoaster of supernatural events and 'lessons' designed with the express purpose of calling together the remaining Strong Witches in order to divert an impending world disaster.

About the author:
DH Parsons is the founder and president of the Bliss-Parsons Institute, College of
Metaphysics and Parapsychology. He has a Master's Degree in Public Education and a
Ph.D. in Metaphysics. Because of his relationship with Mary Bliss Parsons, he has been an avid student of the history and nature of Witchcraft for many years. Visit his website at www.bliss-parsons.com


Voices of Arra


Authored by Dave Hoing, Roger Hileman

Welcome to Arra, a harsh yet strangely beautiful world. From a frozen northern outpost to a tropical rainforest, from marshy hinterlands to volcanic
islands, from great cities to architectural ruins, Voices of Arra depicts people, ordinary and extraordinary, who tell their stories in their own words: A girl forced into a life of poverty and degradation finds hope in the unlikeliest of places; a teenager on the cusp of a terrible disease races to complete one final task; another must choose between his culture and his own individuality; a beautiful courtesan who sides with the enemy learns the price of treachery; a spiritual man must give up his heart's desire to discover his soul's inspiration; while investigating an apparent suicide, a woman finds herself at the center of a government conspiracy; a dying man makes a deal with a fabled healer who is wrestling with his own demons ... and more. The tales examine emotions, intrigue, and the consequences of choice. Stripped of most of the usual trappings of the fantasy genre, they are by turns graphic, lyrical, vulgar, and philosophical, but always realistic and intensely human.

About the author:
Roger Hileman and Dave Hoing are co-authors of the historical novel Hammon Falls. Roger, left, lives with his wife Lu in Iowa City, Iowa, and Dave, right, lives with his wife Joni in Waterloo, Iowa. Although most of the stories in this collection are quite serious, the authors themselves rarely are. They collaborate almost exclusively via email, as they have a tendency to act silly when they get together in person. In 2005 they skipped a day of the World Fantasy Convention in Madison, Wisconsin, because they were hungry. They drove the nine-hour round trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to eat a chicken dinner cooked by Dave's sisters Cindy and Patti-singing theme songs from 1960s TV shows the entire way. True, they missed mingling with a lot of famous writers at the convention, and they didn't get any work of their own done, but in their defense, it was really good chicken.


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Brendan Malone: The Last Fenian


Authored by Marina J. Neary 

Based on true historical events, "Brendan Malone: The Last Fenian" is a folkloric satire examining the dark,
destructive side of paternal love.
Roscommon, Ireland-1910. A string of crop failures and botched rebellions had left the country a pitiful wasteland. Brendan Malone, a struggling Gaelic landlord and memberof the secret Irish Republican Brotherhood, succumbs to a midlife flare-up of nationalism, while his two sons climb the academic Olympus at University College Dublin. Dylan, primitive and compliant, clings to his overbearing father, while Hugh, anglicized beyond recognition, harbors his own ambitions that do not include liberating his native land.

"M.J. Neary has added a well-crafted and finely researched novel to the genre."
--Kenneth Weene, author of "Memoirs From The Asylum"

"gripping read from beginning to end"
--Gary Inbinder, author of "Confessions of the Creature

The author has brought a difficult period of Irish
history to life through a combination of historical
and fictional characters.
--Jim Dougherty, President of "The Wild Goose

About the author:
Marina Julia Neary is an award-winning historical essayist, multilingual arts & entertainment journalist, novelist, dramatist and poet. Her areas of expertise include British steam-punk, French Romanticism and Irish nationalism. Her novel Wynfield's Kingdom (Fireship Press, 2009) was featured in the March 2010 edition of First Edition Magazine in the UK, followed by the sequel Wynfield's War in 2010. She is the author of two historical plays, Hugo in London (licensing available through Heuer), and the sequel Lady with a Lamp: the Untold Story of Florence Nightingale (illustrated edition available through Fireship Press). Her poems have been organized in a collection Bipolar Express (Flutter Press, 2010). Her sci-fi novelette My Salieri Complex is available as an e-book through Gypsy Shadow Press. Brendan Malone: the Last Fenian is her first novel exploring early 20th century Irish nationalism. Neary currently serves as an editorial reviewer and steady contributor for Bewildering Stories magazine.

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3rd Edition to be released on the full moon, 1/19/2011 by ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS!

"Waking God takes the reader on a spiritual journey to a higher good that tends to break the barriers of dogmas that have kept people in the dark for ages.  Waking God by Philip Harris and Brian Doe will give Dan Brown fans a new idol.  This book shatters philosophical dogmas that the Church of Rome will be pressed to once again defend itself for philosophical deceit.

Waking God is enlightening.  It does not attempt to destroy ones faith in God, but rather provides credence to a higher power - the supernatural powers of the universe.  The forces of good -vs- evil is presented with credibility shrouded in mystery. Threats of violence together with intrigue for the developing hero and heroine keeps the reader wanting to know what happens next.

I encourage the reader to take this mystical journey that unfolds with carefully researched historical facts with a supernatural twist.  You will enjoy this journey to a higher realm of being and understanding.

If you liked “The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons or The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown, you will thoroughly enjoy Waking God.  It is destined to be a Number One Bestseller. "


Waking God is the first novel in a trilogy by  Philip F. Harris and Brian L. Doe, reissued in its third edition by All Things That Matter Press. Though it is a thriller that can simply be read for its faced-paced story and non-stop action, still one would be remiss to call it a page-turner, merely.  For it’s also a fantasy, a book of religious, or is it anti-religious, or is it anti-religious religious, theology?  There’s the rub—the book refuses to be put in a box.  It keeps jumping out at you.
It’s also a story of love and friendship and trust on many levels, a story of jealously, insanity and international intrigue that moves across the globe, and told in a dizzying series of camera angles and cuts.  It’s a book of prophesy in the truest Old Testament sense. That is, it does not predict, or claim to predict, the future any more than Jeremiah or Elijah do. Rather, it allegorically suggests, as the prophets of old did, “keep on doing as you are doing and you just might end up in the sort of mayhem you seem to be headed for,” leaving the “there, I told you so” to the future.  Ultimately it is a book of idealism and misplaced hope.
It’s a book in which your grandma’s common-place theology is turned on its head and shaken like her old salt-cellar, just to see what falls out.  And what does?  Angels who may or may not be demons and demons who may be the ones wearing white hats and werewolves and old ideas that, like that old, caked salt in grandma’s old shaker, may have stuck together in the wrong way after all these years of unexamined religion and unaware life.
--Review by Sandy Cohen, author of Revelations: A Novel, The Viper’s Son, Norman Mailer’s Novels, Bernard Malamud and the Trial by Love, and Professor of Literature  

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Losing Your Only, by Dr Debi Yohn.


Losing Your Only, by Dr Debi Yohn.

For those who seek to understand it, death is a highly creative force. The highest
spiritual values of life can originate from the thought and study of death.
Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross 1926–2004

A Higher Power
My experience has taught me that only our spirituality can help us explain the unexplainable. When we experience something as terrible as losing our Only, we question our beliefs and may come to doubt the god or higher power we believe in. But instead of giving in to that doubt, we can open our hearts and take the opportunity to expand and strengthen our belief system. This can become an unexpected gift from those that have passed on.

The loss of a child is indescribably painful no matter your religion. I believe in the existence of a god, a higher power, something bigger than we can see, but this book is not aimed at followers of any particular belief system. Spiritual beliefs are intensely personal, but I hope to speak to the spiritual core shared by followers of all faiths.

Our family embraced spirituality. We lived in lots of different places, so we attended churches of many denominations and took part in all kinds of religious celebrations with families of other faiths. I wanted my son to be accepting of all people and beliefs.

One day in the car, where so many long conversations take place, Levi asked what religion we were. I told him that his father and I were sure that a single religion does not hold the entire truth, but that we believed in a higher power and in guardian angels. Our spirituality, I explained to Levi, was based on three simple tenets:

Be the best person you can be. Do no harm to anyone or anything. Leave this world a better place for your being here.

Helping Hands and Hearts

All the planning and preparation we do in life means nothing if the universe has a different plan for us. Of course there’s nothing wrong with making plans of our own, but events like the death of a child remind us that we are not in complete control.

We can fight the flow of life, wasting energy asking, “What if?” Or we can listen to our intuition, and let it guide us from within. Where does this intuition come from? According to my beliefs, we are all part of a larger system, a spiritual family that will support and guide us if we let them. I believe that intuition is spiritual guidance from God and our guardian angels, including our loved ones who have already passed on.


I believe that we are watched over by two sorts of guardian angels. Earth angels are the special people in your life that support you unconditionally, even in your darkest moments. Heavenly angels are your spiritual guides. !eir encouragement manifests itself as your intuition, and they carry you when you don’t have the energy to think. I believe
that these spiritual guides include all those that have passed on before us, like our grandparents, our parents, our friends, even our pets.

The only way I found to survive the terrible shift in my reality when Levi died was to ask for help from my higher power and my angels. I thank all of them every day for the guidance they give me. Of course, it hasn’t always been easy, and there have been many lessons I’ve had to learn. I had to open my heart and listen so I could walk this path.

My faith was helped by the fact that in the days that followed Levi’s death, many things happened that seem amazing with hindsight and which have confirmed my faith in the spiritual world.

Whatever you choose to call them, there are people in your life who emerge at these most devastating times. They hold your hand, offer you their shoulder, and give their silent, unconditional support as well as much-needed practical help. These are the people you know you will be able to turn to as you move through the grief process.

Thank you for your interest in Losing Your Only, by Dr Debi Yohn. This is a very personal story which helped Dr Yohn discover her purpose – to motivate and support parents and others to live life to their highest potential. The digit version of the book is currently available at http://losingyouronly.com/get-the-book/. If you would like to be notified about the upcoming print and audio release, please visit this page and send Dr Debi your name and email address. 

A Comment From Dr Debi Yohn About Losing Your Only
My current book, Losing Your Only is written to the Parents or Loved Ones that have lost an only child.  This book is written from my own personal experience.  When my only child was killed in a car accident, my life took a different path.  I was living in Shanghai China.  He was going to college in USA.  In my grief, I discovered that my purpose is to motivate, and support parents and all clients live to their life potential. Losing a child is horrific, losing an only child brings it up a notch.  So what do we do with that kind of experience?  We have decisions to make.  We can live or we can die with the child.  I decided not only to live, but to thrive.
About Dr Debi Yohn
Dr. Debi Yohn is an international psychologist, author and speaker with 32 years experience living and working on 3 continents. Her work has taken her to Saudi Arabia for 7 years and Shanghai, China for 8 years. While in Shanghai, she founded “Lifeline Shanghai” a “911” service to help English speakers in need. She currently lives fulltime in Huatulco, Mexico and travels the world working with her clients, writing and managing her diversified business and charitable interests. To read Dr Debi’s full bio, visit http://bookpromotionservices.com/2010/12/02/dr-debi-yohn-biography/

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Authored by Brooke Kenny

Determined to make something of herself, Tulsey Winslow moves from a small farming town to a golf course community in the Mid-Atlantic region. Here, minivans and lattes reign supreme, and proper grass height seems to earn better rewards than human decency. When rumbles of deep discontent come from inside every household on Nacre Court, Tulsey becomes the neighborhood's secret confidant and the voice of reason that ultimately unites a community. Along the way, she battles some demons of her own.Echoes of Her is a tale of identity, what's missing in suburbia, and the costs of chasing the American Dream. It is also a story about love, compassion, and the little ways in which people can make a big difference.

Echoes of Her
List Price: $15.99

About the author:
Brooke Kenny is a fiction writer and the book reviewer for The Gazette Newspapers in suburban Maryland. Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in numerous publications, including The Washington Post. She earned a master's degree in
creative writing from The Johns Hopkins University. She lives with her husband in Maryland. This is her first novel