Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Redemption in a gun, Divinity in a bullet …

       Darren Thayne stopped expecting greatness for himself long ago. Out of prison, trying to make amends for a crime he doesn’t fully remember, Darren is faced with his own mortality following the death of his estranged brother, Stephen, the circumstances of which leave more questions than answers. Darren falls into a feverish existence where he is tormented by his Other, a horrid apparition that desires the one thing Darren has given up on: his life.
       To further complicate things, Darren is tasked with discovering the whereabouts of a missing child and, as a means to finding his place in the world and helping a distraught mother reclaim her only daughter, Darren agrees to do what he can to find the girl. His search takes him down a dark path, into the sick underworld of child slavery, and into the company of Colson, a madman with delusions of divinity, who Darren suspects had some involvement in his brother’s death. Colson takes Darren on a bleak journey through a desert of nightmares, making him confront the demon that resides within and bringing him closer to a reality that feels more like a dream.
       Through self-discovery, the mystery of the child’s disappearance becomes clearer, and those involved must see to it that Darren succeeds only in fulfilling the promise laid out by Luthor, a self-proclaimed prophet whose faithful congregation has hidden the child, believing that Darren has been chosen by God to lead them to the resurrected Christ, and only in his deepest despair will he succeed.
       Caught between his desire to save a life and find meaning in his own, Darren learns that, sometimes, the only person you can trust is the one holding the gun.

Trevor Hallam is a writer and aspiring filmmaker. He lives, primarily, in Alberta, Canada, but is currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Vancouver. “God-complex” is his first novel.

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