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Authored by Edward F. Ciesielski, Jr.

This compelling story begins on June 6, 1944 when Corporal Paul Pinski of the 101st Airborne Division is killed in action after he covers a hand grenade with his body during the D-Day Invasion. At the same time in Highlandtown, the blue-collar section of east Baltimore, Paul's wife Lucy gives birth to their first child who learns at an early age the benefits associated with limited competition. Drama is found on every page of this story as the Dexter-type anti-hero follows his natural instincts that lead him down a road to success paved with the bodies of his rivals.

About the author:
Edward P. Ciesielski, Jr., aka "Ski," was born and raised in Baltimore City and currently resides in Bowie, MD with his wife Janet and son Paul. Mr. Ciesielski graduated from the Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School in Baltimore and later attended the University of Maryland University College. He served as a Prince George's County Maryland Police Officer from 1970-90, having attained the rank of Sergeant. Mr. Ciesielski's tenure with the PGPD includes service in the homicide section from 1976-1981 where he was responsible for the investigation of over 400 deaths. Included in those investigations were fifty-nine homicides of which only three remain unsolved.
While a member of the PGPD's Special Operations Division, Mr. Ciesielski and other squad members were temporarily assigned to the US Secret Service and arrested Arthur H. Bremer immediately after he shot Alabama Governor George C. Wallace and three other people at the Laurel Shopping Center in Laurel, MD on May 15, 1972.
Currently, Mr. Ciesielski serves as a background investigator for the federal government.
The impetus for Mr. Ciesielski's debut novel, IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING, is based in large part on his personal and professional life experiences as well as those of friends and relatives, especially his father, a retired Baltimore City Firefighter. He has begun work on a sequel, THE KIT, expected to be completed sometime in 2012.

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"adventure, battles, ancient civilizations and symbolism, secret societies, love triangles, sex"

"The second book in the Waking God Trilogy, The Sacred Rota does not disappoint.We continue to witness the battle between "good" in the form of Lucifer and "evil" in the form of the archangel Michael, while continuing the adventures of an assortment of characters both mythical and human.Harris and Doe give the reader all in this novel- adventure, battles, ancient civilizations and symbolism, secret societies, love triangles, sex- all in the name to save humanity from it's demise from blindly following the dogma of organized religion.The message, I think, is that there is "God" in all of us and all around us and that we have the ability to create our own universe and universal truths.But aside from that, this is a good read- it is a fast paced adventure novel that is difficult to put down.Can't wait to read Book III and see how it all turns out!"

REVIEWER, Jen Sculli



What should we expect from a classic children’s tale? Imaginary gardens with real toads in them? An enchanting story told with wisdom and great charm? One you can read aloud to your own precocious, nearly-perfect child, then read again yourself for the adult insights and delights it reveals and the places of enchantment that it takes you to? Choose all of the above and enter into the plausible and implausible wise and whimsical, alluring world Professor Studdard has created for you in Six Weeks to Yehidah. It’s a story destined to be an adolescent-adult classic. Enter this wonderful world of the almost perfectly mannered Miss. Annalise of the Verdant Hills in this tale of wonder and delight. Take a child with you or be one yourself as you travel through the real imaginary places of clouds and seascapes and great truths. Your only regret will be that the story ends, though, of course, in it’s ending is it’s beginning, and the promise that one can begin again. Learning universal truths has never so much fun.

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"...angels are devils, and devils are angels."

Waking God Book I: The Journey Begins...what a journey! A story reminiscent of a combination of Divinci Codes combined with Lost, this book takes you through the adventures of Andrew, a college professor who finds himself in the middle of a battle between good and evil in which neither good nor evil exists, in which angels are devils, and devils are angels; a battle in which the future of humanity is at stake. The reader is introduced to mythical creatures, ancient civilizations, and forgotten universal truths woven into a fast paced adventure book. Harris and Doe keep the reader guessing and questioning everything we have been led to believe about organized religion, as well as the capabilities and truth of humanity. Would love to see this in film format!
5.0 out of 5 stars Waking God, August 8, 2011


Who says faith and science needs to be mutually exclusive? "And God Said, 'Let There be Evolution!': Reconciling the Book of Genesis, the Qur'an, and the Theory of Evolution" is a meeting of science, faith, and more as Charles Wynn and Arthur Wiggins as they try meet the three Abrahamic with the commonly accepted theory of evolution. Presenting a picture which science and God are not enemies, they remind readers that they do not have to abandon their faith for science. "And God Said, 'Let There be Evolution!'" is a strong pick for any fan of both faith and logic, highly recommended.

Six Weeks to Yehidah-DEBUTS AT TOP 1%

Yehidah debuts on Amazon at 123K!

Authored by Melissa Studdard

Move over, C.S. Lewis; Melissa Studdard is here!
Annalise of the Verdant Hills is one of the most delightful protagonists to skip through the pages of literature since Dorothy landed in Oz.
Join Annalise and her two walking, talking wondersheep as they travel to ever more outlandish places and meet outrageous and enlightening folk on their journey to discover interconnectedness in a seemingly disconnected world.
Discover with them how just one person can be the start of the change we all strive for.
A book for all ages, for all time: wonderful, wacky, and bursting with truth!

About the author:

Melissa Studdard is a professor, a book reviewer at-large, a contributing editor, as well as the host of a radio interview program. Her writings have appeared in dozens of magazines and journals. She currently lives in Texas with her daughter and
their four cats.
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Authored by Greg L. Didaleusky

The chief of pediatrics at Orlando General Hospital in Florida sets out to prove that a precocious twelve-year old patient has something to do with the miraculous recovery of two deathbed children and the mysterious events occurring at the hospital.
Across town, a renowned archeologist on ancient Mayan culture, receives artifacts from a recently discovered cave near the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The curator at the Orlando Museum of Arts and Science asks her to decipher a strange configuration on a vase and an unusual pattern
of hieroglyphs on a tapestry.
What is the connection between the patient and the ancient glyphs? Are these events tied to the Mayan prophecies? Do the glyphs and the patient offer hope, or do they foretell the end?

"An ancient civilization holds the answer to this terrific medical thriller."~Robert Delp, M.D., The Villages, Florida

About the author:
Greg Didaleusky graduated with a teaching degree in Unified Science and a minor in English from Wayne State University. He received a Physician Assistant degree from the University of Detroit-Mercy. His first novel, FROZEN DEATH was published in 2009. He lives in Florida with his wife, Holly.

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"Darkness: the place where light best reveals itself." In the potent and poignant language of fine literature, this stunningly honest autobiographical novel grants candid views of chronic illness, blindness, and Native American racial identity, against the backdrop of a world often determined to demean, degrade, and disenfranchise. Though Amy Krout-Horn's inheritance brings illness, it also brings strong medicine, medicine remembered on a cellular level, derived from the profound wisdom of her Lakota ancestors. But can the ancient council fire's "spark" that ignited within a young girl's heart continue to guide the woman, even as the monster drags her into the "darkest darkness"? Like the reverberations of a native drum, Amy Krout-Horn's visceral voice resounds, imparting the message that, sometimes, our bloodlines become our lifelines.

About the Author
Amy Krout-Horn worked as the first blind teaching assistant at the University of Minnesota's American Indian Studies Program. A staunch advocate for social and environmental justice, she writes and lectures on native history and culture, diabetes and disability, and humanity's connection and commitment to the natural world. She is currently at work on her third novel.