Friday, August 5, 2011


Authored by Greg L. Didaleusky

The chief of pediatrics at Orlando General Hospital in Florida sets out to prove that a precocious twelve-year old patient has something to do with the miraculous recovery of two deathbed children and the mysterious events occurring at the hospital.
Across town, a renowned archeologist on ancient Mayan culture, receives artifacts from a recently discovered cave near the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The curator at the Orlando Museum of Arts and Science asks her to decipher a strange configuration on a vase and an unusual pattern
of hieroglyphs on a tapestry.
What is the connection between the patient and the ancient glyphs? Are these events tied to the Mayan prophecies? Do the glyphs and the patient offer hope, or do they foretell the end?

"An ancient civilization holds the answer to this terrific medical thriller."~Robert Delp, M.D., The Villages, Florida

About the author:
Greg Didaleusky graduated with a teaching degree in Unified Science and a minor in English from Wayne State University. He received a Physician Assistant degree from the University of Detroit-Mercy. His first novel, FROZEN DEATH was published in 2009. He lives in Florida with his wife, Holly.

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