Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Christmas Carol in Maine


A Christmas Carol in Maine is a holiday message to help fight teen drug use. Set in contemporary Hallowell, Maine, this retelling of the Dickens classic focuses on the issues that affect today's teens including drug and alcohol abuse and teen suicide. In place of old Scrooge there is 16-year-old TJ. Having recently lost his father in Iraq, TJ turns to drugs in an effort to cope with the pressures of modern society. Returning from the dead like Jacob Marley in the original story, TJ's father informs his son of the pending visitations of three spirits. Not sure if his father's image is merely drug induced, TJ is about to have a Christmas Eve that may change his current journey down a path of self-destruction. The message is ideally suited for middle and high school aged teens and especially their families. "A Maine Christmas Carol is a moving replay of the Christmas classic. It comes to life in its portrayal of the character of TJ, a realistic portrait of a disenfranchised youth. He struggles to deal with the loss of his father and fears loving his family in case he loses them also. By becoming totally self-absorbed he only has to think about himself, by putting down others he maintains his wall of uncaring. The author, Philip Harris, has managed to create a sympathetic, understandable character even as TJ scares the elderly and young children alike." ~Barb Radmore, Editor, FRONT STREET REVIEWS

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Friends Incarnate


Gable, though no Don Juan, is lover incarnate in age of baby-boomers. He is master of his own fate, but also a restless spirit haunted by the demons of his own psyche. His girlfriend Ethel gets married to his best friend Fabian, and thus begins the journey of his sinful passion and glorious madness. Remaining true to his love lost, he wades through the waters of a loveless marriage, then divorce, and finally into the furnace of adultery with his brother’s wife. He tumbles down the rungs of depravity, clings to Ethel in his thoughts as one devotee to his patron saint. His sister commits suicide, his brother dies, and so does his friend Fabian, leaving open the gates of paradise for Gable and Ethel as Friends Incarnate. The first part of Gable’s own villanelle sums up his mood of caprice and madness. “Let me sleep in peace, wake me up on judgment day.”

About the Author

Farzana Moon is a poet, historian and a playwright. Writes Sufi poetry, historical, biographical accounts of the Moghul emperors and plays based on stories from religion and folklore. Her published works in religion and spirituality are: Irem of the Crimson Desert; Sufis and Mystics of the World; Prophet Muhammad: The First Sufi of Islam; No Islam But Islam; Sharia Exposed. Published works in the sequels of the Moghul emperors are: Babur, The First Moghul In India; The Moghul Exile; Divine Akbar and Holy India; The Moghul Hedonist: Glorious Taj and Beloved Immortal; The Moghul Saint of Insanity; Poet Emperor of the Last of the Moghuls: Bahadur Shah Zafar. Another of her published book in history is about the partition of India and Pakistan, Holocaust of the East. Her play Osama The Demented had a staged reading in Stockholm. Another of her play, Russian Roulette, is being considered for production. Her book, The American Queen, about the wife of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Ora Ray Baker who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA is being considered for publication.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Saving Boone: Legend of the Half-White Son

New Release!

In 1853 young Boone Tyler is thrust alone into the rapidly changing and dangerous environment west of the Mississippi. Was his white mother killed by his Kiowa father? His mother refused to let Kae-Gon into Boone’s life, but he told Lynelle he’d come for Boone when he was twelve. She swore she’d rather kill Kae-Gon than see Boone live in a world under constant threat. She made Boone swear to stay white, even taught him Shakespeare to help center him in her world in eastern Kansas. After her death, Boone seeks out his grandfather, an army general, to help him kill his father. He quickly learns that many in the white world only see him as Indian. On his adventures alone in the wilds of the western territories, Boone is often saved by the mysterious voice in his head that he thinks is his dead twin brother. Sam’s voice, and the symbols he becomes obsessed with, remind him that he’s more than just a half-white son and to learn more of his father’s world before killing him. Events keep tangling with Boone’s desire for revenge for Lynelle’s death, including a wife, a cattle drive, thieves, Civil War, and people who continue to see him as Kiowa, not white. By 1874 he comes to understand the meaning of being “half-breed,” but is Sam’s voice enough to save their father’s life?

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017



Authored by Margaret Panofsky

Sequoyah Morgan Hummingbird hates his name, his orphaned childhood in a Cherokee residential school, and just about everything else about himself. And he's different, living on the edge of reality where sharing thoughts is as natural as breathing. Even worse, the world's two oddest villains, the Moon People, orbit high above the earth in a small satellite where they manipulate him into doing their bidding. Why? They've seen World War III and humankind's fiery end. Soon Sequoyah hits rock bottom-but there are others like him who can help. In this epic tale of self-discovery, Sequoyah joins three families to sweep across continents and millennia. Serious questions about war and racism lie beneath the surface of this thought-provoking, attention-grabbing story, written with humor, satire, sensuality, and pathos.

"The Last Shade Tree takes readers on an enlightening journey across time and around the world. The profound narrative, expressive writing, and wholly original concept are sure to intrigue and please a vast audience." ~Alex Mcle

About the author:
Margaret Panofsky grew up surrounded by Northern California's live oak trees and golden wild-oat grass, but abandoned what's left of that idyllic beauty to live in New York City. She is a musician who plays the viola da gamba and is founder and director of New York University's The Teares of the Muses, a consort of viols. After years of playing Renaissance and Baroque music, she believes that her first novel has a definite musical lilt. Visit: 

Monday, August 7, 2017



Authored by Darbie Andrews

Fifteen-year-old Clarissa Cruz must cope with the disturbing behavior of a mother who pursues male compansionship at any cost. Chaos at home leads Clarissa into touble at school, with her stepfather, and with the law. She does a stint in Juvenile Hall, watches her brother Miguel get taken into custody by Child Protective Services, and navigates the twists and turns of first love. And if that isn't enough, shocking secrets are revealed as Clarissa tries to contact her biological father in time to invite him to her QuinceaƱera.

 About the author:
Darbie Andrews is a single parent of two, a bilingual high school teacher, Zumba instructor, and teen counselor in northern California. Her publication credits include Chicken Soup for the Soul - Curvy and Confident. Darbie loves working with youth and creating innovative ways to reach them.