Monday, June 18, 2018

The Oracle Book 1: Here or There


Curses, past lives, dreams—Pilatowicz weaves fantasy and reality very convincingly. Her insight into the human psyche is brilliant. We wonder: is our life guided by free will or is it dictated by external forces beyond our control? An inspiring tale that will not disappoint. —Simone Z. Endrich, author and former political analyst A captivating, well written story about entangled realms of obscure ancient mysteries and contemporary world - where dreams give a glimpse into the core structure of being. —Marcin Dolecki, author of Philosopher's Crystal Joanna is honest artist who has a deep understanding of the spiritual world. She offers the readers mysterious odyssey, articulating this in an imaginative fashion whilst keeping the reader intrigued. —Dr Marina Johnson, personal performance coach, UK Can dreams be a vehicle for beings from other times, other realms, to influence reality, to change the future by revealing the past? Where does reality end and imagination begin? Jasmin, a young Polish woman with no prospects for either love or consistent employment, is plagued by dreams ~ nightmares ~ about a long-ago priestess, an Oracle, who, as a result of her search for immortality, is cursed. Jasmin's search for a brighter future takes her to the Netherlands, where she finds herself embroiled in a series of adventures and misadventures in both love and work, as well as opportunities for spiritual growth. Although she tries to ignore her dreams, they begin to creep into her reality, and Jasmin finds herself powerless against them and the woman who controls them.


Friday, February 16, 2018



George Waller and his wife, Sweet Jen, have the perfect marriage, the perfect daughter, and the perfect life. So, why does George suffer odd fainting spells that fuel dark questions about this so called perfection? Something is not right. Scared of what the truth might be, he doesn’t seek it, but deep in his bones he knows there’ll come a day that the truth will change the course of his life. Is he living in multiple realities? Which “version of life” is real? Does he get to choose, or is his fate chosen for him?

About the Author

A lifelong Texan, Daniel Lance Wright is a freelance fiction writer and novelist born in Lubbock, Texas now residing in Clifton, Texas. He lives with Rickie, wife of 46 years. He is the proud father of two and grandfather of four. Having spent the first nineteen years of his life on a cotton farm on the South Plains of Texas and the next thirty-two in the television industry, he has seen the world from two distinctly different angles. Daniel has received recognition for writing skills from The Oklahoma Writers Federation in 2005, 2006, 2010, and 2011; from Art Affair in 2008; from Frontiers in Writing in 2004; from Canis Latran of Weatherford College in 2011; and from The Indie Excellence Book Awards in 2013. Also from ATTMPress, “Annie’s World: Jake’s Legacy”/soft science fiction/print, ebook, & audiobook.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Without the Veil Between


Without the Veil Between catches both the triumph and the tragedy of Anne's short but quietly courageous and determined life. This book gives us Anne. Not Anne, the 'less gifted' sister of Charlotte and Emily, nor the Anne who 'also wrote two novels', but Anne herself, courageous, committeed, daring and fiercely individual: a writer of remarkable insight, prescience and moral courage whose work can still astonish us today. ~Deborah Bennison, Bennison Books What Denton has achieved is a portrait placed in a time very different from the jangling present, but that resonates in a way that suspends years and centuries .... ~Thomas Davis, author of The Weirding Storm ... meticulous, poetic, luminous, and powerful ... I can't think of anyone better suited to bring us into the world of the sensitive, creative, and quietly courageous Anne. ~Mary Clark, Author of Tally, an Intuitive Life, Miami Morning, and Racing the Sun



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Christmas Carol in Maine


A Christmas Carol in Maine is a holiday message to help fight teen drug use. Set in contemporary Hallowell, Maine, this retelling of the Dickens classic focuses on the issues that affect today's teens including drug and alcohol abuse and teen suicide. In place of old Scrooge there is 16-year-old TJ. Having recently lost his father in Iraq, TJ turns to drugs in an effort to cope with the pressures of modern society. Returning from the dead like Jacob Marley in the original story, TJ's father informs his son of the pending visitations of three spirits. Not sure if his father's image is merely drug induced, TJ is about to have a Christmas Eve that may change his current journey down a path of self-destruction. The message is ideally suited for middle and high school aged teens and especially their families. "A Maine Christmas Carol is a moving replay of the Christmas classic. It comes to life in its portrayal of the character of TJ, a realistic portrait of a disenfranchised youth. He struggles to deal with the loss of his father and fears loving his family in case he loses them also. By becoming totally self-absorbed he only has to think about himself, by putting down others he maintains his wall of uncaring. The author, Philip Harris, has managed to create a sympathetic, understandable character even as TJ scares the elderly and young children alike." ~Barb Radmore, Editor, FRONT STREET REVIEWS