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NO, NOT REALLY. But Sal's "Shorts" are great: witty, insightful, sad, funny and every other emotion can be found in his creative genius.

Flashing My Shorts by Salvatore Buttaci is a collection of 164 flash-fiction stories that runs the gamut from humor to horror with everything in between. These quick but thought-out writes have become quite popular today. They tend to accommodate readers on the go who lack the luxury of sitting down for long periods of reading. Like patrons at a smorgasbord, they can taste a little of this fine dish and a little of that and not go hungry. The stories Buttaci flashes in his book can, on one page, make readers laugh, and on the next, cry.


Years of hard drinking had driven him to seed. He slept under cardboard on the coldest New York City nights, and his days were taken up begging for spare change.
One morning a passerby stopped to look at him. He turned his unshaven, toothless face away. But the woman continued staring. “Is your name Thomas?” she asked. He shook his head. “Thomas Cole?” she persisted. Again he gestured no. He could see the tears wetting the woman’s face. She could not see his.
Leaning against the streetlight, he watched his daughter lose herself in the rush hour of pedestrian traffic.


These Stories Are Short, But They Pack A Punch

Salvatore Buttaci masters the short form in his new collection Flashing My Shorts. The stories here are spare but powerful, and each is injected with Buttaci's quick wit, sharp insight, and the sort of emotional depth that causes a reader to pause, for just a moment, before reading on, wanting more.

Buttaci has a delicate touch with his pen and he's fantastic at telling stories, stories with wide range and the commonality of insight, humor and strong resolution. Buy the book for yourself, buy a copy for a friend and get ready to enjoy what a strong short story collection can offer: utter entertainment in bite-sized bits. I like to think of these stories the way I think of those portion-controlled, pre-packaged desserts: when I'm done with one, why not another? (J.L. Knox, Musical Chairs)

Drawing on his dry sense of humor and a deep sense of irony, Salvatore Buttaci has delivered a book of sparkling gems. These quick stories make us laugh, think, and at times cry. They take us to the core of reality and at other times to the wonders of fantasy. This is a book that I would highly recommend to the reader who enjoys the art of flash fiction and to the reader who likes a quick laugh. (Kenneth Weene author of Widow's Walk)

FLASHING MY SHORTS by Sal Buttaci is a fabulous book with so many brief stories that stay with you long after you've moved on. Love, danger, passion, and alternate histories in sci-fi appear in these fiction pieces under 1,000 words. Their brevity is an advantage, making it great to pick up and stop for readers and commuters who do the same kind of long and short reading, too.

Yes, each piece is a complete short story and with many you want to know what happens next but what happens next is an all-new story that will keep your eyes focused on the page. You'll want to take a break to absorb the skill with which these pieces are crafted.

Here is a very talented writer in a brave new writing format. If you're familiar with Buttaci's other work, you'll be pleasantly surprised here, no, not pleasantly surprised, delighted. I urge you to add Flashing My Shorts by Sal Buttaci to your collection of must-read volumes. This is a book I shall read again and again.

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