Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Part of the Game


Authored by Tim Reardon

When small-time bookie Chuck Holiday tries to collect from one last deadbeat gambler before he closes his business forever, his retirement plans are chewed up by a couple of disobedient pit bulls. Instead of going straight and taking advantage of an offer to play professional basketball overseas, Chuck ends up indirectly involved in the bloody death of an Irish crime boss's nephew.
In this inventive crime thriller, Chuck and his palm-reader girlfriend navigate San Francisco's seedy underbelly and pull their own scam on the mob boss and a couple of ruthless Chinatown gangsters, who also have an interest in the dead Irishman.

 About the author:
Tim Reardon has taught writing at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco for the past twenty-five years. He lives in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood with his wife Gina and his three daughters: Kate, Claire, and Lizzy, and their border
collie, Annie. PART OF THE GAME is his second novel. The first, SHADOW LESSONS, was published in 2010.