Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dangerous Wishcraft

Religion and Mental Health Authored by Linda J Falkner
Dangerous Wishcraft, a must read for anyone who has ever questioned the truth of religious beliefs, explores the dangers of relying on prayer ~wishcraft~ rather than using rational thinking skills, and the often tragic mental, emotional, and physical consequences that can result. Religion, which may have originated as a way to explain the world, has now become an anchor in the fight against scientific knowledge. Modern evangelical religions are attempting to drag the world back into the Dark Ages. This book shines a light, through stories of clients scarred by religion combined with scientific research, on the damage religious fanaticism can inflict on both individual and global levels, and also presents potential strategies for protection from the dangerous practice of wishcraft. About the author: Linda Falkner, licensed mental health counselor and owner of Cheer Counseling, observed that a significant number of her clients suffer from adverse effects of early childhood indoctrination into religion and now focuses on helping them recover from religious abuse. Passionate about such social issues, this book was "a must write."