Friday, February 22, 2013



And other stories

Authored by Cari Lynn Vaughn
Edition: First

The Way The Story Ended and Other Stories is a trio of tantalizing thrillers. Car chases, sex and death fill these sizzling pages which will keep you guessing at how each story will end. A murder in a small town is investigated by reporter Paige Lynn in the 'The Way The Story Ended.' Jack Noland threatens to take over the town of Clover, Ohio. Can Paige stop him? In 'Out of Control' Anderson Carryout is robbed and the clerk, Tea, is taken hostage along with two customers. Can they escape without paying a terrible price for their freedom? And in 'Uncontrollable Urges,' Lorena explores her sexuality, but her lovers keep turning up dead. Who is behind the trail of bodies? So go ahead, see the way the stories end!

 About the author:
Cari Lynn Vaughn is the author of three previous collections of poetry and one collection of short stories. Although she has never solved any mysteries in real life, she did get her start writing as in intern at age 13 for her local newspaper, The Daily Globe in Shelby, Ohio. She was also robbed at gunpoint while working at a pizza and carryout, but was never taken hostage. Currently, she is lives with her two children and is at work on her next novel.