Friday, September 26, 2014



 Authored by Patrick S. Lafferty

Nothing's free. Especially success. Everyone has to pay the price some time. For Mitchell Treadwell, that time is now.
Mitchell is president of an international conglomerate. He has a gorgeous house in the affluent suburbs, a loving wife and kids who adore him. Then one day his son goes missing, snatched off a street corner that's been the location of several recent abductions. Mitchell has a pretty good idea who's responsible, but by revealing what he knows to the police, he may inadvertently put everything he has in jeopardy. Now, Mitchell must hunt down his son's abductor and save his boy's life, all while keeping the police at arm's length.
Commuters is a neo-noir thriller that explores how a good man, motivated by his love for and devotion to his family, can do unconscionable things while dealing with the internal strife his actions create.

About the author:
After a quarter century in the advertising industry, including twenty years writing award-winning copy for a number of agencies in and around Milwaukee, Patrick S. Lafferty is embarking upon a whole new career. He took his love for craft beer, developed a business plan, secured financing, and is now the proud proprietor of a craft beer store in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. He still dabbles as a copywriter on a freelance basis but spends what little free time he has writing short stories, screenplays, and novels.
Outside of work, Patrick is the founding member of the Tosa Writers' Group, a long-time member of the Milwaukee Writers Workshop, and author of the heretical religious thriller ANNO DOMINA.

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