Saturday, July 7, 2012


NEW RELEASE! KINDLE Davy doesn’t let Down Syndrome stop him from living a normal life but when one of his hikes in the mountains brings him too close to a subterranean creature, ulasiga, the mind controlling creature uses Davy’s love of children to send him on a mission. The ulasiga projects the dark underground as a safe haven for abused children. It uses this to send Davy out to bring him this endless supply of food. Justin knows another beating is coming, he can hear it in his drunken mother’s voice. His decision to go with the nice man to a safe place may have come too late. Even if he escapes the whipping, he may end up as dinner for the dark creature. Biography Glenn Oliver Parkhurst was born Glenn Oliver Parkhurst. Makes sense. My Dad was a career Marine, Sempter Fi, so I never stayed in one place long. My Mother, the best, was from Friendship, NY, thus the town in my novel. Friendship was a great place for a young boy to grow up and still holds a place in my heart. I am now a single father of 4 boys and a pack of grandchildren. I love travel and outdoor adventures, food, and family. Besides horror, I write humor and links to many of those stories can be found on my website

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