Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anno Domina

Authored by Patrick S. Lafferty

The year is 2030, and the most important decision of Damien Driver's brief tenure as governor of Arizona is to decide whether or not he should stay the execution of a heretical cult leader. Damien's conservative constituency - and just about everyone else with an opinion - wants the treasonous woman dead. However, the party's single largest contributor, the Bishop of Phoenix, as well as the prison chaplain plead with the governor for clemency: the bishop citing the Church's stance against capital punishment; the chaplain believing she is the second coming of Christ. Already convinced that the woman is wholly innocent, Damien searches frantically for a legal loophole to justify a stay of execution only to discover that there are unearthly forces at work trying to make the decision for him.

About the author:
Patrick S. Lafferty is currently the creative director and senior copywriter for a small marketing communications firm just outside of Milwaukee, Wis. For the last twenty years he has spent his days creating persuasive ad copy and informative brochure copy, writing trade publication feature articles and press releases, and otherwise developing myriad other marketing materials. For the last twenty years he has spent his nights writing fiction, typically mainstream fiction with a genre bending twist.
Before becoming a copywriter, he spent 18 years sitting through the lesson plans of the nuns, priests, brothers and laypersons employed by the various Catholic schools he attended, the final six years resulting in a BFA in Commercial Design from the University of Dayton and an MA in Advertising Copywriting from Marquette University. It was from these institutions that the foundation for Anno Domina was laid ... and subsequently cracked.
Patrick is a member of the Milwaukee Writer's Circle and the Milwaukee Writer's Workshop (MWW). He, his beautiful, supportive wife, and his two exhausting boys graciously share their home in the Milwaukee suburbs with their oddball dog, Macie.

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