Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Authored by Dayna Leigh Cheser

Janelle's Time is the epic story of the great love between a New Hampshire farmer's daughter, Janelle LeDuc, and the son of an English Duke, Richard Grayson.
From her father's death in a logging accident to barely surviving the birth of twin daughters, Janelle makes it difficult for Richard to protect her, but not on purpose.
Unaware of Janelle's maternal-line powers, the couple accidentally time-travels to 14th century England, meeting Richard's ancestors, and discovering some startling truths about Richard's aristocratic family that nearly destroys their relationship.

About the author:
My father was a teacher when I was very young. During story-time when I was four years old, he started teaching me to read. It began a life-long love affair between books and me.
In junior high, I wrote short stories to entertain classmates. In high school, the 'Future Plans' chapter of my autobiography (English assignment) included being a published writer.
'World Radio News' (San Diego, CA) requested an article about our amateur radio club providing communications for a March of Dimes Walkathon, in hopes of other clubs doing the same public-service.
In early 2002, wanting to write, I sought a third-shift position and wrote what became 'Janelle's Time.' When it was complete, I shelved it. In 2009, after starting a Twitter page, @Writers_Cafe, the WIP came off the shelf. By August 2011, it was ready for submission.
I penned an article about @RileyCarney, a Colorado teen, and very prolific YA fantasy author, who heads her own non-profit literacy project. Never officially published, countless people have seen it, thanks to Twitter retweets and well-placed emails.
Janelle's Time is Book 1 of my TIME Series.
I have lived in Florida since 1992 with my husband, Peter, and our cat, Spunkie.

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