Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Authored by Zdravka Evtimova

Take an unforgettable literary journey with the winner of the Gencho Stoev Literary Award, the Razvitie Literary Award, Best Bulgarian Novel Award, the Anna Kamenova National Fiction Award, and the Cosmos Short Story Award. "Vassil" was one of 15 award winning stories in the BBC world-wide short story competition.

 About the author:
Zdravka Evtimova was born in Bulgaria where she lives and works as literary translator from English, French and German. She has lived and worked a literary translator in Koeln, Germany and in Brussels, Belgium. Her short stories have appeared in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Spain etc. altogether 21 countries in the world. The following of her short story collections were published in English: "Bitter Sky", SKREV Press, UK, 2003, "Somebody Else" MAG Press, USA, 2005, "Miss Daniella", SKREV Press, UK 2007, "Good Figure Beautiful Voice, Astemari Publishing, USA, 2008, "Pale and Other Postmodern Bulgarian Stories", Vox Humana, Canada/Israel, 2010. Her novel "God of Traitors" was published by Book for a Buck Publishers, USA 2007.

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