Monday, January 26, 2009


THE PUNJABI'S WIFE is a great read for those interested in the plight of women living in an Islamic culture. This true story is revealing to those who have any doubts that Muslim woman are not treated as second class citizens.

During changing American social conditions in 1968, a na├»ve nineteen year old Midwestern girl marries an older Pakistani man and moves to Lahore where she lives as a Muslim wife for almost two years. This young girl does not realize that her new husband married her to gain American citizenship and return to the United States. Her life in Pakistan is filled with adventures shopping bazaars, dancing girls, an Islamic red light district, historical Moghal architecture and social turmoil. Slowly these Pakistani real life experience begin to teach this girl how Muslims control and mistreat their women. The danger of fanatic Shiite religious practices and exciting road travel are all balanced with her status as a blond American woman in a foreign land at the mercy of her Muslim husband. This true story unveils an informed observation of Muslim women’s status in Pakistani society. The Punjabi’s Wife is a book that asserts itself as a true American odyssey, a brave young woman’s adventure story and lessons for western women contemplating relationships with any Muslim man.


  1. Sounds like and a poignant and timely read. Thanks for bringing this book some much needed attention.

  2. Readers interested in this book might also be interested in an anthorpolgistt's study called Veiled Sentiments. It's on Amazon, not a difficult read for a book from academia.

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Author of This Is the Place, also about gender issues set in Utah in the 1950s