Friday, January 16, 2009


We will list all of our books on this site as well as links to our author web sites. In the meantime, we would like to begin the list of books that are currently available through ATTMPress. Our latest releases are HUMAN TRIAL, by TIMOTHY N. STELLY, SR and THE PROFILE by Gregory Victor Babic.

HUMAN TRIAL-What happens when all that remains of the world is fear, distrust and desperation?
Daron Turner is the leader of a ragtag collection of small town Americans who've managed to survive a thermal war waged by intergalactic attackers. The survivors have gathered together in a sporting goods store, where they not only endure the heat, but ward off marauders, rabid animals and overcome their own fears and in-fighting.
Aliens hope to manufacture a new race that becomes acclimated to earth's environment. With time running out, Daron and his cohorts must force a confrontation, as the fate of mankind rests in their hands.

THE PROFILE-Danielle McCormack, student at Middlewood High School, wants to be a journalist. However, she could not possibly have anticipated, when Dean Lawrence Polking, head of HRL Enterprises, internationally-renowned retailing magnate and hated Destroyer of the Middlewood Old Town Mall, attended the Annual Awards night at her school as the Honored Guest Speaker and returning 'Favorite Son", that her life would be thrown into turmoil and everything she thought she knew about the man and his dream would have to be re-evaluated. ? How could she have known that everything she thought she knew about herself and her place in the world would come to mean nothing against truths and realities she could never have anticipated?

Both titles are now available from, Mobipocket, Kindle Editions and from the ATTMPress E-Store in paperback. The reviews are great and both books address issues that are relevant to today's society.

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  1. Couple of good looking offerings! Hey guys - nice start to this blog. I'll get it up in the Free Spirit blogroll & also at Tie Dyed Tirades.