Saturday, January 17, 2009


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Anything is Possible - The Indies best friendBy Barrie David

I think writers become Indies, independent publishers, for many different reasons. Fame and fortune, seeing their work in print, or more probably for not being among the lucky handful chosen from countless submissions to the ever fickle mainstream. Some go it alone simply to share what they know, what they have seen and experienced with others. I like to think I fall into this last category. When your book is as polished and complete as you can get it and the exuberant dust settles, when family and friends, filled with admiration, (and occasionally the mute silence of envy) have finished raving about it, the Indie soon realises there is none of the formidable marketing backup that a mainstream publishing house would provide. At this point there are two basic options. Rest on his/her laurels - Well - at least I wrote a book etc. The other is the Indies best friend, that miracle of modern world wide communication - the Internet. Setting up your own website is not rocket science or vastly expensive. Seeing your work online, out there in hyper space yet available to VIRTUALLY anybody at the click of a mouse, brings potential that is truly infinite. Its the next stage on the long hard road that may well have begun with a notepad, a pencil and the overwhelming urge to tell a story. The best that can happen…? Well, thats in the lap of the Gods. At the very least, you will get what every writer craves feedback not to mention making a huge amount of new friends.

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Keep writing. My very best wishes, Barrie David. Author Dormant Courage

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