Monday, March 12, 2012


Authored by Robert Rubenstein 

The sequel to GHOST RUNNERS, THE WHITE BRIDGE is a dark historical tale, a much needed parody of the pathology of racism and its deadly consequences as the world marched to war-as vital as today's headlines, an anthem for change and a new radicalism. Ginger Lee is a smashing news reporter who chases down the architect of a murder and implicates the American ideal. Powerful fiction!

 About the author:
With his second novel, The White Bridge, Robert has staked his claim to historical psychiatric literary fiction. Using the weapon of parody, fantasy, and the dream-scape of psychological horror, "Robert" investigates history, especially the roots of racism and prejudice in America. A friend to "Rocky and Bullwinkle," the author recognizes what role fractured fairy tales had on his arrested development. A former special educator in the New York Public Schools," Bob" raised two children as a single parent. "Reuven" is proud that his first novel, Ghost Runners, was included in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Currently, he teaches a college course for graduating seniors in advanced topics: the psychology of racism, "Bobby" hopes to complete a trilogy in the near future. A retired teacher and evaluator of children with special needs, "Ruby" swims three or four times a week. He travels frequently to the Southwest and likes being a minority among the Native-Americans. Companion pieces-Ghost Runners, historical fiction about two Jewish runners not allowed to compete in the 1936 Olympics and The White Bridge, about the evils of racism and American capitalism, eugenics and Hitler, baby farms and the culture of lynching; the current novel tests the courage of athlete/soldier heroes, and a journalist in the Jazz Age who must pit her strength against the evil of her times to save the dignity of a lost child. A man of many names, 'Rob' welcomes comments at