Saturday, March 10, 2012

Annie's World: Jake's Legacy

Authored by Daniel Lance Wright THE YEAR IS 2208 AND THE WORLD IS IN NEED OF A SAVIOR.
Two centuries have passed since global economies collapsed with little hope of resurrection. Jake Henderson wanders the former State of Texas foraging for food, and witnesses the murder of a young woman. The ten-year-old girl traveling with her is traumatized and left speechless, orphaned by the violent act. From that day, she begins changing Jake's life in ways he could never have imagined. Annabelle, as he chooses to call her, is descended from failed genetically manufactured prototypes of the early Twenty-first Century. The delicate-appearing child is anything but, and is destined to become the salvation of a world out of control.

 About the author:
A lifelong Texan, Daniel (Danny) Lance Wright is a freelance fiction writer and novelist. A multi-published author, Danny has been recognized for his writing skills by The Oklahoma Writers Federation, Art Affair, Writer's Digest, and others.

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