Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is this one of the reasons we write, or what?

"Hi Melissa,
You book literally "popped" out at me in our used book section in our Huntington Beach Library. I was with my 7th grade daughter, that I home school and we are always looking for meaningful nice reads. We read half of the book together, and then put it down for a week , just been living life. This morning I decided to to finish it, couldn't wait. It is a nice rainy morning here, unusual and make my heart sing, since I am originally from Long Island , New York...Anyway, I finished it, riveted to every word, every thought, know that this book came to me to answer my lifelong question and fear about death. I know it is not a coincidence because my husband has cancer. I have never had the religious faith that my own Mother wanted me to have and believe in things that others did in afterlife, it just did not resonate with me. I have been knowing that somehow I would get this answer or at least a vision that would make sense for me to prepare my children that would feel good and comprehensible. I will finish the book with Maggie and let it absorb and know when and if her dad's life comes to an end sooner or even if he lives a long life, she will be more prepared that I was and of course go through the nature of grief but have the memory of your beautiful story to hold on to..Another book came to me simultaneously called Dying to be Me, which just came out, which is a true story of a woman who had the choose to come back to life in her near death experience. I KNOW that I attracted these books with love and now have no fear..I thank you for this type of writing. 

One of your chaters reminded me of homeschooling, which was Yehidah, we don't always plan and every day is an adventure that you choose. I am so grateful for our life and the path that led me there... I also have many books in my head, and feel All Things That Matter Press may be what my light needs to explore next.. The is an authors festival every year at The Huntington Beach Public Library.Have you ever been?? I will also make sure your book is available there, if it is not already. Thank You"
Nancy Keller

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