Monday, August 3, 2009


Add Kathleen Gage to the mix with Nikki Leigh and Carolyn Howard-Johnson and authors should have all of the tools they need to help sell their books. I just got this email and felt authors would be smart to have a listen.

One of the greatest mistakes an author (or soon to be author) can make is to believe their book will fly off the shelf into the reader's hands with no marketing effort at all. Somehow, someway people will hear about their book, everyone and their brother and sister will buy it because of some magic dust and they can live happily ever after. STOP! This is not the way it is.

The truth is, most authors experience so much frustration because their book never sells more than a few copies; they lose money on the book and their dream of countless numbers of people reading their book remains just that...a dream!

There are other authors who make money on each and every book they write, sell thousands of copies and have the satisfaction of knowing lots of people are enjoying their writings.

The distinction of the author selling lots of books is they have taken full responsibility around the marketing of their book(s).

Which best describes you? The magic dust author or the realistic author who knows you don't have to be a starving artist to be a great writer?

If you want to be an author who not only sells your books, but sells lots of them, join me on August 20, 2009 for my bonus teleseminar How to Become an Online Bestseller.

To have your spot reserved all you need do is get my report by the same name.

This is going to be an informative, fun and lively teleseminar. You will learn more in one hour about using the Internet to market your book than most authors learn in years of research.

You will learn the exact formula of how I sold over $23,000 worth of my book, The Law of Achievement, in a 24 hour period. And how the book became an online bestseller. doors opened that otherwise would not have because of the visibility I got from the sales of the book.

If you're among those who want to take full responsibility for your destiny as an author this session is for you.

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  1. Kathleen,
    This is SO true! I run into the same thing when I talk to new authors. Thanks for being a great educator on this topic!
    Michelle Dunn