Thursday, December 13, 2012

Safe to Say

Authored by James Ward

Packed with humor and insight, Safe to Say explores the gut wrenching absurdities of life in corporate America. Set in the 1980's amidst the decline of an iconic company, the story centers on the eventful careers of two characters - Harmon Wolcott and Riley O'Brian. Harmon, a young man raised in the farm country of upstate New York, joins the company to fulfill his father's great wish; Riley, a young woman raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, is intent on fulfilling her own high expectations, instilled by her strong-willed Dominican mother. Despite their differences in background, Harmon and Riley share the traits of intelligence, ambition and an aching desire for approval. Their paths converge and the stakes are raised when both are assigned to a select group charged with pleasing upper management. The story of their accomplishments, disillusionment and ultimate chance at salvation reads like a cross between Catch 22 and The Firm. If you have ever had the corporate experience, or just wondered about it, you will find Safe to Say smart, touching and funny.

About the author:
James Ward's award winning short stories have appeared in literary journals throughout the United States, in Canada, and most recently China and Africa. Safe to Say is his first novel. After a long and varied career in corporate America, he is delighted to be writing full time. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Barbara.

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  1. A book about corporate corruption, now that seems timely.