Monday, December 10, 2012

For The Love Of God

Authored by Meghan K. Barnes

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD tells the true story of a young girl struggling to find her identity during the confusion and deaths that followed the sudden boom of legalized gambling. She witnesses the city crumble as it is swept away by the growing casino industry of Atlantic City. An accidental fire burns down a neighbor's house, leaving nothing but their new-found gambling and alcohol addictions behind. Many are fired from their jobs and forced to leave the area, and are replaced by cheaper workers living in the newly built slum housing in the once-safe neighborhoods and parks of her childhood. Her close relationship with family and friends who also struggle with the same issues of redefining what home means to them are explored throughout this thought-provoking story.

 About the author:
Meghan K. Barnes is an English & Creative Writing instructor who holds an MFA in nonfiction from The University of North Carolina Wilmington, AWP's 2nd ranked nonfiction program in the country. She is the three-time winner of Creative Nonfiction Magazine's tiny truths contest and her work has been featured multiple literary magazines such as The Beat, Del Sol, Charlotte Viewpoint & WB Magazine as well as six anthologies: So Long, Writers Block, Yes I Can, Christmas, Christmas, Real & Thoreau's Rooster. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in both nonfiction and fiction, and has sat on panels for both the American Writers and Poets Convention & The Southern Women's Writers Convention. She currently resides in coastal North Carolina with her Rottweiler, Zen.


  1. I went through the events with Meghan, often at a distance due to 100% travel assignments, and did not realize the strain and pain my work schedule caused to the family.


  2. Delighted to have this book in the ATTMP collection.