Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spiked Punch and Sky Castles


A Collection of Short Stories of Emancipating Discourse

Authored by Alexandra deScheel

Spiked Punch in Sky Castles is a collection of four interwoven tales; each of which touch on the most important elements of human life and our shared existence on this planet. It details the true essence of happiness and acceptance, albeit occasionally in a dark and subtle way. Through time, through love, through mental illness, through abuse, through prejudice, through enlightenment, and though haphazard adventure; the entwined lives of protagonists within four sagas illustrate the surprising impact of even the most minuscule and seemingly irrelevant of encounters. This book depicts the significance of living mindfully and acknowledging the presumably random meetings, trivial conversations and subtle moments which may change your life and the lives of all you come into contact with ... often in ways you could never have foreseen.

 About the author:
Alexandra de Scheel was born in New York City to a Danish businessman and an Austrian Princess. She has spent much of her childhood traveling America, Europe and the Middle East. She attended Institut Le Rosey, an international school in Rolle, Switzerland for four years, gaining insight into different cultures in a multinational environment. She has previously published a book with Kallisti Publishing, entitled the Science of Satisfaction, due to be released in September. This is a nonfiction work which explains, in layman's terms, how one can find happiness by altering our perception, our thoughts, our biology, our neurotransmitters and our neural associations. Alexandra has also been a journalist for the past ten years. She was the editor of GstaadLife, an English-language newspaper in the tourist region of Gstaad, Switzerland. And she is the Seattle Libertarian Examiner for the Examiner in America. Alexandra possesses a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Sociology obtained from one of the top journalism schools in London and a Master's degree in the prestigious Cognitive Semiotics program at Aarhus in Denmark. She wrote Spiked Punch in Sky Castles after years of both studying psychology and writing professionally. All of the stories have a basis in real events which have occurred around her or unfolded in her studies.

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