Saturday, January 7, 2012



Authored by Les Russo

Ken Sabino is a middle-aged businessman living in a wealthy Chicago suburb with his college sweetheart. When he discovers that his manufacturing company is on the verge of bankruptcy, his lingering feelings of inferiority surface. Ken turns to an unlikely
source for help: Debra, a dream therapist.
Although she knows little about boardrooms, her unconventional approach helps Ken confront his failing business and longstanding feelings of inadequacy with renewed hope.

About the author:
Les Russo was born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. After graduating from Manhattanville
College in Purchase, NY, he moved to Chicago with his now wife, Patricia 'Petie' O'Connor. Les and Petie still live in the Chicago area, where they
have raised their five children. This is his first novel.

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  1. Always great to have a new author in the ATTMP family. Sounds like a good read.