Wednesday, November 24, 2010



So much to Give Thanks for this year,
It’s hard to know where to begin.

We’re thankful for all of the calamities that turned out to have
Happy endings.
Like Deb not dying when they thought she might!
And the incredible experience of your love, prayers, and healing energies,
Which were, without any doubt, the deciding factor in that miraculous healing.

For Jen’s good news, we Give Thanks.
And for Abe’s successful surgery, we Give Thanks.
And for Sal’s plan to live to be 103 (beginning to be very careful at 102), we Give Thanks.
And for everyone’s continued good health, we Give Thanks.

We’re thankful that the sun continues to rise in the east
Particularly on those days when we’re not quite sure it’s going to.
We’re thankful for the wind that blows away all concerns, leaving only clarity.
We’re thankful for the rain that washes the world clean.
Snow, well, we haven’t quite gotten to being thankful for that yet, although it can be pretty.

Most of all, we’re thankful for the wonderful forever family we’ve found
Amongst people we didn’t used to know only weeks, months, or short years ago.
We truly are blessed to know you all.
And for that, we Give Thanks.

Much Love and Happy Thanks Giving,

Deb & Phil

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