Wednesday, October 13, 2010


David Housel, retired (2006) Athletic Director at Auburn University, posted this review on Amazon today:
If "South Wind Rising" is any indication, we are in for many more great books by a new name to the literary scene, Frederick W. Bassett.

For a first time effort, this is exceptional--for a writer of any degree of experience, this book would be exceptional. For it to come from a first-time author it is especially remarkable and holds out the hope/promise of many more to come. Let's hope he is as prolific as he writes.

"South Wind Rising" is a coming of age story in a more simple time, but the trials, tribulation, angst, hope and wonder of that terrible yet wonderful time of change is effectively captured in this much here as in any book you will read for a long time.

Loving told, beautifully written. These characters will stay with you a long time---and in each of them, you will find a bit of yourself.

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