Saturday, July 24, 2010


Portrait of an Unlikely Holy Man
Authored by Jesse S. Hanson

Suppose you were standing, like a tourist protected by
a guardrail, over an opening into the pit of hell, when
suddenly the rail gave way and you tumbled in. You
wouldn't know why - consumed with fear or anger, and
surrounded by utter misery, it wouldn't make sense to
you. Yet the fate of many of the poor souls in our
prison mental facilities is not so very different from
that scenario, their crimes often resulting from the
effect of some form of mental illness. Who can help
them? Enter George.

About the author:

Jesse S. Hanson is a North Dakota native, writer/musician. Jesse and his wife,
Lilasuka, currently reside in Pennsylvania. He has also lived in the Pacific Northwest and in the Southwest. "I suppose restlessness is part of my nature. I'm never quite at home anywhere in the world, and that is part of why spirituality is the backdrop for all my writing.

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