Friday, July 16, 2010


A nice review for a great book!

Where You Are
Author: Michael Burns

What would happen if you lived in a small town most of your life in a dead-end job without much of a future of anything changing, except the seasons? The main character, Paul, is in such a place barely making enough to live on without his new bride also having to work and not liking this particular small town with nothing going on as far as any type of cultural activities, just the same old people doing the same old boring things, day in and day out.

His wife nags her husband Paul, to move to the west coast, and attend college. Moving is not something Paul has considered. He is also not sure about going to college. Paul’s only time away from his hometown was a stint in the army, then back to the same place, and losing contact with his high school friends.

Married around a year, Laura, Paul’s wife takes off one day with a note left for Paul that is cryptic at best. Has his wife Laura left him? Will they get back together? Will Paul finally leave his small town and the small town ways to the big city? The only way to find out is to read “Where You Are.” This reviewer is not going to spoil it for you.

“Where You Are” is a good read. If you like relationships and interesting situations, “Where You Are” is a book for you. This reviewer found the pace good, the characters true to life, engaging, and assigns a four star rating to “Where Are You.”

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