Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Search Of...The Meaning Of Life


In Search Of...The Meaning Of Life
Authored by Scott E. Hardy

Designed to guide and inspire those who may be in search of answers, this book of thoughtful quotes from eminent people around the globe, and touching photographs associated to each quote, offers insight into the deepest questions about life meaning for human kind.

About the author:
Making his home in southern coastal Maine, Scott Hardy's first priority is his wife Nicole, and two daughters, Brielle and Amelia. In addition to writing books, Scott manages a customer service team for a well known outdoor retailer. Other joys in Scott's life include his extended family and good friends, his passion for sea kayaking and sailing the Maine coastline, and his love for the game of tennis. Scott also has served his community as a Big Brother with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Portland, Maine. To learn more about Scott and his work, or to contribute to the enlightenment of your fellow man and woman around the world, visit Scott's website and blog at

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