Sunday, May 23, 2010



Adam's War
Authored by Timothy N. Stelly Sr.

The biggest threat to MAN.

Daron Turner leads his small army of thermal war survivors in a cross-country battle to Big Springs, Nebraska. Their hope is to rebuild America as members of a larger human colony known as The New Frontier. The colony is led by megalomaniacal J.D. Cooks, who has other plans: To male himself the ruler of a burgeoning world empire.

Cooks and Turner engage in an epic clash of wills, and when Daron reveals that his nemesis is collaborating with aliens to destroy human life, the MMD again prepare for war. This time the army is led by Daron's son, the now twenty-one year-old Adam. After a fierce battle at Big Springs, Adam leads his charges south of the border to engage in a showdown that will determine whether or not mankind survives.

About the author:
Timothy N. Stelly is a poet, essayist, novelist and screenwriter. HUMAN TRIAL II: ADAM'S WAR, is the second part of an epic sci-fi trilogy that began with 2009's, HUMAN TRIAL He is also the author of Snakes In The Grass, a short story that appears in the AIDS-themed anthology The Shattered Glass Effect.

Mr. Stelly resides in northern California with his three youngest children-Dante, Kimberly and Lawrence. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a coming-of-age novel, People Darker Than Blue.


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