Friday, November 27, 2009


Yes, this is the time of year when consumers are bombarded by sales pitches, specials, discounts and more. Given the current economic conditions, it is expected that consumer sales will be down and, you know, I we don't have have a real problem with that. We have all spent way too much money on things that quickly clog the landfills; cheap things with no lasting value. As a matter of fact, we are urging our customers not to use credit cards for purchases but advocating the use of debit cards. Banks do not have our best interests at heart.

The nice thing about a good book is that it truly is a gift that lasts. Sorry for the cliche, but a book does keep on giving. It can be shared and re-read for many years. All Things That Matter Press is a small company. We look for new and gifted writers that have something they want to say to the world. We do not try to churn out mass market books-that's just not our thing. Our book list is growing-but not too fast as we want to be sure that what we publish is done to the best of our ability. As our authors know, we focus on sales over the internet and not bookstores. Why? Because every layer of distribution takes royalties away from the author, and admittedly, us. We also feel that the future of book marketing is on-line, not in stores.

So what do we have to offer? In the area of poetry, we have some award winning authors and books like Ramblings Through the Attic of Thought, Where The Fenceline Runs, and Haiku Strings. In the spiritual, self-growth category, there is The Power of StillPoint, Opus Dei: Letters to Mark, Jesus taught It, Too: The Early Roots of the Law of Attraction, Transcendence, No More Losers and Collected Messages: Guides for Personal Transformation.

Our novels have all gotten great reviews. They include: The Punjabi's Wife, Journey Into the Past, Quantum Earth, The Last Loose End, The Profile, Gemini's Blood, Human Trial, They Plotted Revenge Against America, Widow's Walk, Where You Are, Ora and The Gem Star, Motherless Soul, The Grace Note, Shooting Angels, and Shades of Luz. Some of these are thrillers, science fiction, love stories, action and adventure. There is a highly rated memoir, Musical Chairs, and some short story anthologies that will will make you think, laugh and even cringe: Revoir, The Heroes and Other Stories and A Hitch in Twilight: 20 Tales of Warped Imagination. We even have essayists in, Between The Storm and The Rainbow and What's Wrong With Us Anyway?

New titles are on the way soon as our list of quality books continues to grow. Give us look. For more information on these titles you can go to or see our list on at!1000%2Ci%3Astripbooks%2Ck%3Aall%20things%20that%20matter%20press&page=1

So, please consider our books and read great new stories from great new authors. Happy Holidays!

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