Sunday, October 11, 2009


ATTMPress announces the release of ORA AND THE GEM STAR by Jack Cowardin.

On the high plans north of Mexico City lies the ruins of one of the greatest architectural achievements of Pre-Columbian culture, Teotihuacan. No one knows who, or what, destroyed the City of the Gods. Ora, the daughter of a local chief, finds the Gem Star, a gift from the gods. This story is an adventure of magical realism in an age of primitive cultures, where women were submissive and subservient. Ora breaks the chain of this reality and brings the reader the timeless lessons of love and appreciation of all creatures that share the planet.

About the author:
Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Jack earned his BA at Oklahoma University then studied philosophy at VCU. He has designed and built 24 homes and was a marble and tile contractor for three large hotels. He started collecting rare books in the '90s. Ora and the Gem star is is first novel, with the sequel well under way. Jack currently lives in Florida. His web site is

This book would make an excellent Disney movie! It is fast paced, filled with adventure, appeals to bot young adult and families and is just all around fun!

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