Monday, April 6, 2015

Times To Try The Soul Of Man

Authored by Kenneth Weene

What do an overweight stripper, the CIA, corruption in New York City, the Israeli Mossad, ancient Inca civilization, terrorism, political intrigue, mad dashes across America, and a waste-case of a teenager have in common? They are the ingredients of this action-packed crime and coming-of-age novel. Much of this story is based on true events, perhaps too true to be believed. Guaranteed to make you think and probably to shudder as you relive 9/11.

"In his book Times To Try The Soul Of Man, Kenneth Weene paints a vivid portrait of the peripatetic freelance journalist peering from the outskirts of mass corruption at an American horror show." (Anthony Flacco - NY Times best selling author)

About the author:
Kenneth Weene is a peaceful man, a psychologist and author by inclination. However, when confronted by the evils of this world, he arms himself with the best weapon at his disposal, the written word.
Ken is also author of Widow's Walk and Memoirs From the Asylum, both published by All Things That Matter Press.

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