Saturday, January 5, 2013



Authored by Donna M. Chubb
Edition: First

Talk about over reacting. Danielle knew when she got in trouble that her parents would ground her. What she didn't expect was that they would take her away from everyone and everything she knew. She and her family have left Earth and now she's living on planet Logos as part a settlement team. Danielle misses her best friend-and French fries. She just wants to go home. A discontent Danielle once again breaks the rules, but the consequences this time are both terrifyingly dangerous and surprisingly wonderful. The early surveys did nothing to prepare them for this adventure. To Danielle, it's like the planet is on steroids. Everything is super-sized; from the poison of the smallest insect to an enormous hurricane. When tempers flare and personalities change, it seems as if the viciousness of planet itself is infiltrating the team members. Then Logos reveals its most intriguing discovery of all.

About the author:
Donna lives in Hickory, North Carolina with her husband and two dogs. She has four daughters and five grandchildren, so far. Donna has taught school for twenty-two years and uses her many experiences in her writing. She loves animals as well, so she tries to include at least one animal as part of her story lines. "Animals and kids can give you fodder for many humorous situations and I love to have humor in my writing."
Besides writing, Donna enjoys working in her yard and reading. She and her husband have traveled extensively in the past, but are content to put down roots in North Carolina and have fun with grandchildren.

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