Sunday, November 18, 2012


NEW RELEASE! Authored by Dave Hoing Inside this book is a collection of very different stories, ranging in length from flash fiction to novella, in genres from mystery, fantasy, alternate history, experiments, and others, set in time from the distant past to the present ... and a little bit beyond. What are contained in these tales? Tornadoes pop up here and there. Jack the Ripper stops by a couple of times, sort of, along with other persons of ill or odd repute. There's a pet cockroach; healing in the silence of a muskrat; a farmer who finds meaning in fireflies and rain. Then there's the escaped slave who meets his former master, the Civil War prisoner who just wants to go home, and the doctor's wife who shows the power of a small act of kindness. These are stories of odd connections: A winter storm conjures up images of the past and future; a drainage tunnel reveals the truth of domestic abuse and, ultimately, death. A chicken, a cannon, Christianity and Native American religion. Old Norse mythology and Christianity. A diary from the future, found in the past. An assassination that unites a divided country. And the last story ... who in this world can know what connections are happening there? About the author: Dave Hoing is the co-author, with Roger Hileman, of the historical novel Hammon Falls and short story collection Voices of Arra. He is also a composer, artist, and collector of antiquarian books. He loves to travel, but when he must be home, he lives in Waterloo, Iowa, with his wife Joni, as well as a dog and cat with names they don't answer to unless food is involved. Dave is in the middle of his fourth decade of employment at the University of Northern Iowa Library. He has won more money, more often, in the lottery than most people ever will, but somehow it still hasn't been enough to end the situation described in the previous sentence.

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