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The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons

Authored by DH Parsons
Authored with Elise Brion

The Lost Revelation is the second volume in the
non-fiction trilogy The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons.

In Volume One, The Strong Witch Society, a dire warning was given to the inhabitants of this planet that if two very specific cultural behaviors were not changed, Earth would be destroyed in the not-too-distant future.

This volume provides detailed instructions on how each and every person can do their part to make those changes before it is too late.

Under the guidance of the Strong Witches, descendents of the original Beings who seeded this planet over three million years ago, mankind has the chance to save itself and enter into an incredible age of perfect health, indescribable technology, and spiritual development, the
likes of which have not been seen since the very first civilization, called Annica, was established.

With each volume of the trilogy, a number of Strong Witches are "Awakened" by reading the book. Are you one of those? Read The Lost Revelation and listen to your heart.

We are waiting for you.

 About the author:
DH Parsons is the founder and president of the Bliss-Parsons Institute. He has attained several University and Institute awards and degrees including a Master's degree in Public Education, and Ph.D's in Metaphysics and Religion.
He has served as a Public School teacher and administrator, and is currently an Inspirational Speaker throughout the Mid-Western United States.
Visit his website at

Elise R. Brion is Associate Vice President of the Bliss-Parsons Institute and a freelance writer/author. As an Inspirational Speaker and organizer throughout the state where she lives, she has presented Healing Seminars to diverse groups of people, and has witnessed "miracles too numerous to count in one lifetime." She has attained several University and Institute awards and degrees, including a Ph.D in Religion.


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