Monday, September 19, 2011



Authored by Maggie Tideswell

A spellbinding novel of love, murder,and the supernatural.Chance meetings can have far-reaching effects. Loved ones may not be who they seem. The line between comprehension and confusion is thin ~ particularly when one's thoughts are being manipulated by another. In Dark Moon, the eternal triangle takes an innovative twist into the occult as dark magic fights against those who serve the Light. The prize? A woman's soul.

About the author:
Maggie Tideswell was born and raised in sunny South Africa, where she still resides. She has always been intrigued by finding "the purpose" and the dimensions of reality. She believes that actions have consequences, that if one shakes the web of existence in one place, the whole web moves. Maggie explores these themes in everything from her poetry and short stories to her novels.

Sunday, September 18, 2011



A Tale of 1916
Authored by Marina Julia Neary

Dublin, Good Friday, 1916
Kidnapped and held at gunpoint by his former IRB comrades, Bulmer Hobson, the misunderstood antihero of 1916, denounces the ill-fated Easter Rising he had tried to prevent. While his captors joke about shooting him and dumping his body on the railroad tracks, his terrified fiancee roams the chaos-ravaged city in search of him. Fifteen years of political rivalry, international conspiracy, botched love affairs, and taunting promises of glory culminate in a bloody showdown. Once branded 'the most dangerous man in Ireland' by the police, Hobson is about to be
deleted from history.
Based on historical accounts, Martyrs and Traitors is an intimate glance into the conflicted and shattered heart of Ireland's discredited patriot.

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Friday, September 16, 2011



Tales From Arctic Alaska
Authored by Elizaveta Ristrova

Welcome to Arctic Alaska, a land of twenty-four hour darkness and twenty-four
hour light, poverty in the midst of unfathomable wealth, 4,000 year-old
traditions, and the latest gadgets, raw whale meat, high fructose corn syrup, pristine beauty and gum wrappers. Follow the lives of nineteen souls in a rare
existence where ancient meets present. Some are the original Inupiat Eskimos, some
are Outsiders. Some subsist on the bounty of the land and sea, some are outdoors only for the 20- second trot between the car and the building. But all are dependent on what lies beneath--oil, until something happens that threatens to destroy this existence altogether.

About the author:

Elizaveta Ristrova, author of Small Fish in a Small Pond, Something Short of Salvation, and Taking Off My Sweater, never tires of sticking her large nose into other people's cultures and lives. She is now pulling her nose out of Arctic Alaska and moving back to the tropics-this time the Philippines. Eventually she will return to her native Louisiana or another Third World setting with the delusion of getting a job as a tree-hugging lawyer.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Once and Future Wizard

The Awakening
Authored by Tom Averna

The journey of the once and future wizard begins almost at its end. Professor Judah Zelig, a speech teacher, has felt compelled to write a novel about Merlin. This unremarkable man would soon discover that his writings were actually a remembering of his true identity and purpose. For Judah and Merlin, or Merlanu as he was known among the elves that helped train him, were the same. The truth, he discovered, about Merlanu was older and stranger than anyone knew. This is the story of a rebel band of angels who took human form and ruled this planet as gods. Their leader became known in Greece as Zeus, who was opposed in his plans by Poseidon. Poseidon genetically manipulated a Greek King, Theseus, to become the greatest wizard of all time with the power to defeat Zeus and restore order to Gaea-Earth. Merlanu was not just to crown a ruler, but to awaken the gods of old who have taken human form. These gods, who now make up most of humanity, were forced into the Karmic cycle because of their greed and lust with the hope that they may be redeemed and then reminded of their true purpose and power as angelic beings. Merlanu alone remained free of the cycle to accomplish this task; however, he succumbed to his own lusts in Camelot. Because of that, he endured a series of deaths and rebirths until at last he awoke in modern times with the help of a strange old woman, his soul mate and his elven grandchildren. But did he awaken in time because Zeus had his own plans to defeat Merlanu and remain in control of Earth.

About the author:
Tom Averna is a lifelong student who also enjoys teaching, performing and speaking. He believes in the power of positive communication as well as the potential of humanity to create a world of harmony
and peace. He established the first Internet positive-conscious music radio stream and recently helped develop Gratitude Radio playing music that encourages an attitude of gratitude. Information on his writing and radio projects can be found at