Friday, September 16, 2011



Tales From Arctic Alaska
Authored by Elizaveta Ristrova

Welcome to Arctic Alaska, a land of twenty-four hour darkness and twenty-four
hour light, poverty in the midst of unfathomable wealth, 4,000 year-old
traditions, and the latest gadgets, raw whale meat, high fructose corn syrup, pristine beauty and gum wrappers. Follow the lives of nineteen souls in a rare
existence where ancient meets present. Some are the original Inupiat Eskimos, some
are Outsiders. Some subsist on the bounty of the land and sea, some are outdoors only for the 20- second trot between the car and the building. But all are dependent on what lies beneath--oil, until something happens that threatens to destroy this existence altogether.

About the author:

Elizaveta Ristrova, author of Small Fish in a Small Pond, Something Short of Salvation, and Taking Off My Sweater, never tires of sticking her large nose into other people's cultures and lives. She is now pulling her nose out of Arctic Alaska and moving back to the tropics-this time the Philippines. Eventually she will return to her native Louisiana or another Third World setting with the delusion of getting a job as a tree-hugging lawyer.

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