Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just Who is Sandy Cohen, Anyway?

When’s the last time a novel made you laugh out loud?  When’s the last time you fell in love with a character?  In Revelations by Sandy Cohen you won’t be able to help yourself, you’ll do both.  Join Abis, trickster-god or mad man, you decide, as he guides Manny Markowitz, and you, through the wilds of Greece and the bogs and barrier islands of south Georgia, and ultimately back to life as they search for Abis’s boss, Willy Love.  Goofy, wise, and ultimately enchanting, this is the guidebook not just for anyone who has gone through one of life’s great tragedies, but for anyone who wants to return to the pure joy of living.  There are three ways to learn the meaning of life, namely reason, intuition, and revelation.  In Revelations, you’ll learn Abis’s, and your, great lesson—that life has no meaning any more than a flower has meaning, or needs to.  It is the beauty and fragrance that enchant.  Life is simply an experience to enjoy and exalt in.  For here, and now is your eternity to enjoy.  


  1. What this world needs is an author whose book can bring on the belly laughs! Sandy Cohen is that special author!

  2. All I can say is if anyone is seeking a fantastic read, this book is for you. Sandy's characters are extraordinary and will keep you amused throughout this wonderful tale.

    Hat's off to ATTMP author Sandy Cohen!