Friday, October 7, 2011



Authored by Randy K. Wallace

Sold into slavery by his foster parents and smuggled out of Alberta, Canada, Daniel is held captive by Terrance McMaster, a greedy and sadistic farmer. While he toils in a mine, Daniel discovers an ancient geode and a forgotten civilization. Though the discovery would change the known history of the world, the world is not ready for the crystals' amazing powers. #9 Grundpark Road is an inspiring tale of perseverance and heroism. Will Daniel be able to survive a power that has destroyed
everyone who has come in contact with it? Will he discover the true meaning of family?

About the author:
Randy Wallace was born in Stayton, Oregon. A few years later, his father moved the family of seven to Vanderhoof, a tiny town in central British Columbia, Canada. There was no electricity, water, or phone service in their new home. Randy grew up helping his family turn a piece of wilderness into a farm. These meager beginnings shaped his life, his teaching career, and, later, his writing.

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