Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Authored by Anna Maria Kolojaco Mullins

Texas in the 50's, 60's, 70's to the present! This
autobiography-memoir contains it all. Drama, humor,scandal, sex, inter-racial relationships, greed, oil, money,religion, family dysfunction. What a ride!

"Confessions of a Crazy Fox" is the culmination of almost a decade of trying to write my strange life story as honestly as I can remember. It took some extremely stressful events to make
me finally realize I didn't care anymore what anyone thinks about the way I think. It happened...and it was sometimes just outright bizzare...so that's the way I wrote it.

Anna Mullins has a great voice...She pulls no punches, whether talking about sibling relations, race relations, feminism, or herself. As she says, "You can't undo the wrong you do by trying to make someone appear worse than you. That's why I'm confessing my worst sins, not just others'." And boy does she!
~Mike Stiles-Oklahoma City, OK.

"This is an extraordinary tale about an extraordinary life, told by an extraordinary writer." ~John M. Daniel, author of THE POET'S FUNERAL

About the author:
Anna Mullins now lives on the outskirts of San Antonio Texas. She enjoys helping her youngest grandchildren with their school projects and various activities. She also loves visiting with her best friends who live in Houston as often as possible. Her five children and eleven grandchildren remain the focal point of her life. When Anna is not around those who love and understand her...she prefers to be alone to create whatever artistic endeavor she feels needs accomplishing, whether it's painting in a variety of mediums...or writing...or cooking her family's favorite foods.

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