Friday, May 6, 2011


Authored by Glenn Oliver Parkhurst

Eighteen-year-old Kenny Arthur wishes he was just a typical small-town kid, but a near death experience and a message from the other side has made that impossible. Kenny knows there's a plague coming, and it's not natural. He knows it can crush the life out of this world.
And he knows he's the only one who can stop it.
What he doesn't know is how.
Kenny sets out to do what he must, but the world outside Friendship, NY is more than he bargained for. Before long, he's exhausted, dirty, broke, and not one step closer to accomplishing his goal. Then a pint of blood he sells for cash
causes a miraculous healing, and suddenly Kenny knows how he'll cure the plague. But if he wants to find the devil, he'll have to hide while he does it. The government, the sick, the desperate, the greedy all want a piece of what the press is calling "the Miracle Boy."
Kenny is on the hunt and on the run. His only friend is a thieving street kid named Rooster, who might help him get to where he's going, or sell him for a million dollars first.
Kenny can't trust, he can't stop, he can't rest - until those who hunt him drain him dry, or the devil is dead, whichever comes first.
About the author:
Glenn Oliver Parkhurst, an avid hiker and outdoorsman, never intended to write. When his sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he began writing her poems. This sparked a desire he
never imagined. Glenn has moved his whole life and continues to do so as a way to feed his wanderlust. Glenn not only writes horror, but has published humor and has written
romance and Christmas stories.

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