Saturday, April 16, 2011


Authored by David Appelbaum

THE SHOCK of LOVE is a book about spirit.It is a book within a book. The book found
within is a manuscript entitled THE SHOCKof LOVE. It is purportedly written by Paolo
Cellini, Professor of Romance Languagesand a student of the era of the troubadours
and courtly love. Based on the idea of abook of the heart, current during that time,
it is divided into nine chapters that giveallegorical detail of the journey of love, a
love that completes the spirit in a person.There the reader follows the courtship, the
'alchemical' marriage, and the darkgestation before emerging transformed andcompleted. The outer book, the book thatencloses the found manuscript, tells thestory of Cellini as well as speculating onwhy it came to be written.

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