Saturday, February 19, 2011


To Begin Again is a collection of short stories and essays that focus on the subtle realizations we all come to that, often unexpectedly, lead to life-altering circumstances. 

“Moving, intense, yet crafted with a delicate touch, To Begin Again is a unique collection of stories that urges us to examine the complex wounds and wonderments of the human experience.
—Beth Hoffman, bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
“Jen Knox has put her unique characters in situations with twists and turns that constantly surprise.  Her mesmerizing short story collection, To Begin Again, is a wonderful ride through homes and bars and yard sales we can all recognize while we laugh or cringe.”
—Steve Lindahl, author of Motherless Soul
"Using a masterful mix of fiction and creative nonfiction, Jen Knox explores the human condition with wisdom, subtlety, and the understanding that sometimes just asking the question is answer enough.   Her crisp prose and sharp observations expose the underbelly of lives we all lead, expressing feelings and ideas to everyone that we wish we had the words to express to ourselves.  To Begin Again is a wonderful collection of stories and essays about life, and living."
—Dave Hoing, author of Hammon Falls and Voices of Arra 
“This volume could as easily be titled ‘stories with a gentle touch.’ To Begin Again is a delectable collation of vignettes: lives in transition and oh so human experiences. Jen Knox has once again proven to be a skilled weaver of words and an architect of a gossamer web in which over and over again we find our own reflections.”
—Kenneth Weene, author of Widow's Walk and Memoirs from the Asylum