Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rachel's Children

Surviving the Second World War

Authored by Jean Rodenbough

The stories of warfare as experienced by children may take a lifetime to understand and describe. For some it took many years before they were able to reflect upon the meaning of the war as they lived through it. What
happened to children across the world during the Second World War, in the years 1930 to 1945, shows a common theme of emotional upheaval, fear and hunger. The author was a child living in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and remembers what the war years were like. She has gathered accounts from others to include along with hers. These are their stories.

About the author:
Jean Rodenbough is a retired Presbyterian minister living in Greensboro, NC. A poet and
writer who has published books on fiction, poetry, and pastoral care, she is active with organizations working for peace and justice. Jean's interests also include chip carving and playing the recorder.

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